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Haunt 9-21-13


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Last night I went to Halloween Haunt with my friend at around 6:30pm. The line to get in to the park was already way, way back. We waited for about 45 minutes.

Walking through International Street, there were no monsters walking around, which slightly disappointed me. Oh well.

After walking around for an hour, waiting for the crowds to disperse, we got in line for Urgent Scare, one of my favorites from last year. Unfortunately, I wasn't scared a little bit at any time during the maze. Not because the actors had failed scares, just because they didn't attempt to scare. Too many characters were walking around in the maze, getting in your face, and whispering in your ear. No surprise jump scares, and much to my disappointment, no one followed a victim throughout the maze like they did last year. Urgent Scare still has a great set up (the elevator effect is great) but, sorry to all the actors on here, they need to step up their game.

Next we walked all the way over to Club Blood (my friend had drank 2 Nos's and wanted to run around everywhere). Once again, no scares, and in some parts of the maze, there were no actors! The bar part and bathroom part of the maze had no actors at all, and when there were actors, they were just walking around slowly again instead of trying to scare us.

I so badly wanted to go through Board to Death, because last year I didn't go into the new mazes. Finally I would be able to go through a new maze. Board to Death has a great concept and it's really well done. I found myself laughing around every corner. Twister was my favorite part. ONCE AGAIN, no one attempted to scare us. But this maze has a lot of potential.

I'm known to hate on The Beast, so I decided to ride it at night. I'd been on it at night before, but that was a few years ago and it wasn't completely dark. I still think it's very overrated. I enjoyed my ride, don't get me wrong, but I still can't see what's so great about it. The out of control, through the dark woods feeling is fun, but it doesn't give me the adrenaline that other coasters would.

Lastly, before leaving, we did Slaughterhouse, always my favorite maze. I'm not even going to repeat myself, because it had the same problem as all the others.

I'm disappointed this year. Yes, it was only the second night, so maybe next time I go it'll be better. Here's my ratings.

Urgent Scare 6/10

Club Blood 5/10

Board to Death 7/10

Slaughterhouse 6/10

The Beast 8/10

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I went last night too since a couple friends invited me. I usually don't go Saturday nights because of how crowded it is, and last night was no exception. We started at Holiday Horror and had the same problem. Then Madame Fatale's was no disappointment. Urgent Scare was okay, but we didn't do the elevator thing. I still feel like it was way better a few years ago when it had the indoor and outdoor portion. After that was CornStalkers, which had a short line and was actually pretty scary considering how the monsters blend in to their surroundings so well. Board to Death was my favorite because of how funny it was, and we ended the night with CarnEvil... the ScareActors didn't even try.

Only rode FoF because I was with people who didn't like rides. I hope when I go on a Friday night it's better.

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