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Kings mills Gunpowder factory photos.


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It's not behind Beast... o_o


Quote from upstop August 18 2013

I believe that near the river behind The Beast was a gunpowder factory that exploded killing many people (1800s?)

Quote from upstop

Gunpowder factory information.



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My grand parents worked down there in the 1920's to 1940's and lived in Kings Mills, which was a company town for both the King Powder Company and Peter's Cartridge. King founded the town around 1880 and they constructed the Baptist Church, an opera house, school and a trolly system that ran from Kings to Mason. The King Powder Company had mills all along the west side of the river, to avoid them all blowing up if one exploded. Now all you find are over grown trees and weeds and worn down foundations of the wood buildings. It had buildings down below where The Beast is now and stretched past the bridge up to the darn that they built up at the bend in the river. There were several explosions and one in the late 1890's was a heck of a blast that was felt as far as Lebanon. There were lots of train wrecks along that stretch of the Little Miami, with the last one around 1970. I used to hike down in that area and all my friends kidded me and told me to watch out for the lions that escaped from the circus train that had derailed. Also, the land that is now Kings Island was owned by the King family and part of their operations. Some of the buildings were rehabbed to serve as shelters for the animals for the Lion Country Safari.

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..they constructed the Baptist Church, an opera house, school...

Does anyone know if these buildings are still standing and where they were at? The school mentioned here wouldn't be the old school that sits at the entrance of the KI employee parking lot/softball fields would it? I believe the old school is purple now and is used for storage for the landscaping department.

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If you drive into Kings Mills, along King Avenue, the old school is on the right hand side. The King family mansion is on the left hand side, across from the new KME school and turning right, you will see the old homes on both sides of the road, which were homes for management. The old post office is on the right hand side, next to the house on the left, which were all built in the 1880's. The Kings Mills Baptist Church is still standing and is on the corner of King Avenue and Church Street. Across from it is the opera house. Down King Avenue, before it goes down the hill on the left, is the old trolly station, that ran down to the plants and all the way to Mason. The town house both employees for King Powder Company and Peter's Cartridge. The King employees lived in the houses from King Avenue to Cherry and Peter's employees lived from Maple to Walnut Streets. My grand parents lived on Maple Street and I lived on Oak Street. There is a book about the history of Kings Mills and the area located at both the Mason Library and the Warren County Historical Society. I forget the name of it but if you ask for the book on the history of the plant, they will know what it is.

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