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Remnants of past attractions


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Actually three things.....a long time ago there was the Bayern Curve ride to the left when facing Slingshot and right at Slingshot was the Oktoberfest Skyride station. To the right where Adventure Express entrance is located (in the landscaped patch) was the Flying Dutchman (wooden shoes) ride.

Edit: If you look above your post at post 93, Lopan has posted a picture of the Skyride station.

None of those ring a bell but I don't have the best memory. I just caught a glimpse of one of the old school "you must be this tall..." signs to the left of Slingshot and was transported back to my childhood. :P

Terp, thanks for the shout out about my capitalization fail. Hehe :lol:

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I have a bad memory. So it was really odd today when I turned the corner by Boo Blasters and suddenly saw the area in front of me, in my mind's eye, as it was when I was a kid, around 25-30 years ago. I walked through there several times this year, and couldn't remember what it used to look like, but suddenly I flashed back to it today.

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I hope that our old Wheel of Fortune is well-kept at its new home. I'd hate to think of its future being in Jeopardy! Perhaps one day, it will change hands again if The Price is Right. I wouldn't Press Your Luck with a park in Santa Claus, Indiana, though. I hear they have a bit of a Family Feud going on, To Tell the Truth.

I have no idea why, but I couldn't resist the urge to make that post.

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This is a Jungle Jim's-themed thread bump!

For those of you who did not know, one of the former Lion Country Safari monorails moseyed on over to the Eastgate location of Jungle Jim's. It's an inoperative static display in front of the store located between the entrance and exit. It's on a tall bridge and quite hard to miss, really.

Although I'm sure they stripped the cars of running gear, the interiors look to be mostly intact. Plus the inside of the cars lights up at night!

It's been repainted in a scheme completely different from the KI paint job.

The beer and wine display cases at the Fairfield store came from KI, as well as various benches and tables (from one of the International Street restaurants).

In addition, the bumper-cars-turned-display-shelves at the Fairfield JJ's are from Coney.

This post is in no way, shape or form related to my employment at Jungle Jim's this past summer.

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JessicaDawn, you are waaaaaaay to young to remember any of the three rides I mentioned. Only fossils like myself actually rode those rides....LOL. Heck, I remember when the dinosaurs in Dinosaurs Alive actually existed!

Don't have to be that old to have at least some memory of a couple of them. I wasn't there for the Skyride or Bayern Curve but I have vague memories of boththe Flying Dutchman and Der Spinning Keggers.

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I loved the Tumble Bug as a kid. I hate to see that it has nearly become extinct, and if Conneaut Lake doesn't remain open I believe only Kennywood will still have one, and it is called the Turtle not the Tumble Bug. I love riding it at Kennywood, but somehow it doesn't feel exactly the same when it is called The Turtle and not the Tumble Bug.

In another topic recently, LordSkippy suggested that we make a compendium of knowledge relating to all remnants of previous attractions that currently exist.

- Tumble Bug was a Schwarzkopf antique that came from Cincinnati's Coney Island where it operated for many, many years. It was located in Old Coney near The Racer's entrance where the basketball toss now sits. It operated at KI until around 1985 when it was removed for the addition of Skylab. Sadly, the ride was junked and discarded having entertained literally thousands of people for decades. It, IMO, was one of the silliest removals KI ever made.
- Skylab was a Huss Giant Enterprise. Only three ever existed and KI had one of them. It was added in 1986, I think, and lasted until the mid-1990s. It was a maintenance nightmare in which the hydraulic arm would "fail" and the wheel would drop to the ground with a loud "THUD." The ride, althrough a guest favorite, took the place of the Tubble Bug. It was removed after the park deemed the ride too costly to repair and unsafe. It sat idle for a full season before it was fianlly removed. The que and drivers booth (also used for the TB) still exists and can be seen next to The Racer's exit. It has been enclosed, and is used for storage of plush prizes. Only one Giant Enterprise still exists, and it is at KI's sister park Paramount's Canada's Wonderland.

Wait, so the inexplicable rectangular building between the exit path of The Racer and the silly basketball game used to be the queue for the Tumble Bug?

Huh. The more you know.

Somebody should compile a comprehensive list of all the remnants from past attractions. I'd do it, but I haven't the experience necessary.

And so, I've decided that we should give it a shot and see what we can come up with. And hey, since KI is still open for a few weekends, we could even get photos! I'll start the list with every remnant that I know of:

1. Son of Beast's station still stands, and is used for the Wolf Pack maze during Halloween Haunt

2. Crypt's building still stands and is used for the Cavern of Terror maze during Halloween Haunt. Additionally, the Durga sculpture still adorns the wall, and The Bat demon thing still Haunts the antechamber.

3. Until very recently, there were a few footers from King Cobra standing near Adventure Express's queue. I believe those were removed a couple months ago.

4. Flight Commander's queue still stands, and can be seen behind the sports games booths in Coney Mall

5. According to the quoted post, Tumble Bug's queue has been converted into a storage facility for games prizes. No verification on this other than that post, however.

6. Bat's Station and queue are used for Vortex

7. The cars from Thunder Alley can be seen next to the maintenance path near Firehawk. They are very visible from the lift hill.

8. The souvenir photo booth from Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal can be seen as you are walking out the exit from Cavern of Terror.

9. Some chains from a previous coaster (presumably King Cobra) are present in Flight of Fear's building.

10. Don't quote me on this, but I BELIEVE that at least one of the old cars from Flight of Fear (with OTSRs) is being stored inside Flight of Fear's building.

Feel free to add to the list, or correct me if I'm wrong. I'll try to keep up with this and edit it as information arises, but I can't make any promises :P

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Well sorry to reopen this topic but i Thought id make a list of all the remnants since it hasnt really been done all the way fully.

1. Son of Beast's Station along with its chain lift mechanism. also the original trains are behind Dinosaurs Alive if you ride the back seat of the Red racer (i think) and look youll see them. Also the newer trains were used for haunt last year the Blue ones but they took off the Son of Beast sticker not sure if y'all saw them or not.

2. The lights from Wild County Safari are directly under Congo Falls.

3. There are several Footers from the original Bat under Vortex and right next to the Station. Also the matience doors have two holes in them obviously to incorporate The Bat's suspened track. Along with The Bat's Station (except it was Orange not Blue.) and the stairs leading up the first lift hill on Vortex are from The Bat.

4. Going back to Son of Beast the queue line is still there and also whats left of the Track sticks out of the Station.

5. The original Enchanted Voyage entrance is still there. Its next to The Great Pumpkin Coaster Its the big mural of Snoopy or the Pumpkin Patch. Its doors are there and its used for Carnevil during Haunt.

6. Flight Commaders Queue is still there and I think is used for KillMart (correct me if Im wrong)

7. Phantom Theater's entire queue line is present along with the Maestro's Balcony and Spooky faces that I think were supposed to be Maestro are in the Hallway. They've got boards on them and glowing red eyes and are all from Phantom Theater. (My Profile Picture) is one of them. who looks like Maestro. Also Kings Island has about all of the Animatronics and the Phantom Theater Mouse is used in Board to Death. Along with the Boiler Room furnace in Slaughterhouse Reloded towards the end of that maze. And I think theres a few Phantom Theater things in Madame Fatales Cavern of Terror.

8. There may be a Few King Cobra Footers present behind Slingshot next to Banshee but they may have been removed although they were quite small and out of the way of Banshee's footers. Also King Cobra's Chain along with other parts of it might be in Flight of Fear. Althought the trains from King Cobra were moved back in 2008 to Kings Dominion to be used as spare parts for Shockwave. A clone of King Cobra down in Virginia. Those trains used to be in Flight of Fear but now i Think they are next to Volcano The Blast Coaster from what Ive read.

9. The Paramount's Kings Island trams are clearly visible from the Top of the Eiffel Tower.

10. Der Spinning Keggers have to Flag poles next to Viking Fury.

11. Sky Ride's Footer now has a tree in it but is still next to Adventure Express and behind the restaurant that used to be Bubba Gumps. I forget its present name but I think its Hanks Burrito Shack.

12. Top Gun's Stars are still there. If you turn around when you first step out of The Bat's entrance tunnel/Old Son of Beast tunnel you will see them.

13. SkyLab's queue line is now a prize storage room facility.

14. Tomb Raider The Ride's photo booth is still next to the same buidling that once housed it Madame Fatales Cavern of Terror.

15. The go cars from Thunder Alley are visible from Firehawk's queue line and lift hill.

16. A majority of the Scooby doo and the Haunted Castle Props and Cardboard cutouts are used on Boo Blasters on Boo Hill.

17. The track from Phantom Theater is still there but the actuation of the Cars switched. But its still the same track from Phantom.

18. Also I have no idea what happened to the Phantom Theater Cars maybe someone can help me on this they used to be on display at the Bandstand before Blood Drum's became a hit.

19. Not really a remnant but the sign for Invertigo along with the actual Station is still colored to represent the Face/Off days.

20. Many of the Wild County Safari buildings remain except you have no way of accessing them. Along with the Trams from the Safari are at Jungle Jims down the road.

21. Cars from the Jetson's Ride were also on display next to the Eiffel Tower and next to the Son of Beast trains.

22. The Crypt's seats are stored inside Flight of Fear and The Bat Demon is used for Haunt.

23. And does anybody know if there are any Screamin' Demon remnants? Ive never found any.

24. Also Im fairly sure the old Flight of Fear cars are stored inside Flight of Fear and there are some also behind Banshee. Behind Son of Beast's old Rosebowl Double Helix, near the Station of Son of Beast now.

25. The Flying Dutchman's launch pad is now the entrance to The Adventure Express.

26. I cant think of anyting else except for througout the park there are various things that still say Paramount's Kings Island on them like the Trams and other things if you look hard enough.

27. Well I hope you enjoy this list and hope you go find some of the Remnants or maybe learn about ones you didnt know about. Thanks for reading.

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If you look closely at the rafts of White Water Canyon, some of the Rafts still have the old Paramounts Kings Island logo on it, this is because the new logo has begun to peel off revealing the old Paramount logo. I noticed this while waiting in line, I wonder if anybody else has noticed this.

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If you read Shaggy's original post, it's Skylab's queue that's still standing. LordSkippy mistakenly stated it was Tumble Bug.

Second, Shaggy did not err--Skylab's quene was the old Tumblebug one. Why would you think a statement like that, if false, would go unchallenged for a decade?

Remember, there are those of us who were there back then and even on opening day in 1972. We don't need to go look up things like that...or rely on the web--which is often not right.

Jumping back a bit here... I know I already posted evidence that Skylab and Tumble Bug did not share the same queue structure HERE, as evidenced by the 1972 photo with Tumble Bug and no queue structure. HERE is an additional piece, this time from 1980, that still shows no queue structure.

So, as I originally stated, Tumble Bug's queue is not still standing. It's Skylab's queue, tucked between The Racer's entrance and Adventure Express' exit.

5. The original Enchanted Voyage entrance is still there. Its next to The Great Pumpkin Coaster Its the big mural of Snoopy or the Pumpkin Patch. Its doors are there and its used for Carnevil during Haunt.

That's actually the exit to Enchanted Theater, not Voyage. Enchanted Theater opened in 1992 when the building was converted from Smurf's Enchanted Voyage to Phantom Theater.

However, the large "station" for Great Pumpkin Coaster and its photo booth is actually the station for Smurf's Enchanted Voyage. Guests used to board the boats about where they now board the roller coaster train.

23. And does anybody know if there are any Screamin' Demon remnants? Ive never found any.

As the whole ride was shipped off to Camden Park after its removal in 1987, I'd say no.

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The controls operator box for the old Skylab attraction made its rounds around the park for various uses. Last time I saw it, it was being used for an attendent to monitor the gold pass parking area although this was a few years ago.

Edit: you can see it if you look at the parking lot via Bing Maps "Birds Eye" view.

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In the video that was just posted what ride can be seen above the tree line at 4:40?

If you're referencing the video I linked to, then it's Zodiac. Zodiac was a 135-foot double-armed Ferris Wheel manufactured by Intamin. It was added in 1975 and was removed after 1986, at which point it was relocated to Wonderland Sydney in New South Wales, Australia, where it remained until 2004. It is reportedly currently in storage at Sunway Lagoon Park in Malaysia. Following its removal, it was replaced by Flight Commander in 1990 and that space is now home to the Dinosaurs Alive! Party Pavillion.


Courtesy KIExtreme.com


Courtesy KIExtreme.com


Courtesy Casabrian.com

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They shouldn't have to remove the Italian Job: Stunt Track control panel theming, so long as they're not using it to market the ride anymore.

Also, there are still plenty of Paramount's Kings Island stickers inside the phone boxes of multiple rides. The one I seem to notice most often is the one by The Beast's queue line entrance.

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When working at the park, in 2009, there was talk about the panel not going to be replaced because of the cost. I want to say, they quoted around $1000 to replace the panel. In which, duct-tape is a much cheaper option to cover up "Italian Job: Stunt Track."

It's not about marketing the ride as the former name, but as of rights to the name. In order to display copyrighted material, including ride names, you have to pay legal rights to the name. These often are extremely costly per year.

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