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The Bat flies again at Kings Island

Guest KingsIslandPR

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So many people use Screamscape for bits on this. Screamscape did report on this, but it happened and I really wouldn't bring it up anymore because it is unnecessary to the criteria. Glad to see the update on The Bat, I can't wait to ride the new haunted attraction!

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I have photos of The Bat (and Banshee) taken from GWL during the KIC Christmas party I will put up this weekend. My computer is broken so I can't really use it. I am getting a new one after work tomorrow though.

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Look at the life that paint gives this great old ride

Agreed! I scratch my head when I think about it's recent repainting....why wasn't it painted this color back then? What made this time different? 

Banshee. It's going to go right by The Bat so why not give the old ride a nice spiffy makeover? I'm also still hoping for a dark theme sub-section :) not sure how Skyflyer would fit in a dark theme sub-section without being renamed though.

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Lovin' the new paint job. Can't wait to see wait to see what they do with the station, as well, even if it is ends up being just a subtle change. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the end result.

Not gonna lie, I'd prefer this kind of sign/logo instead.

I agree. Don't get me wrong. I like the new logo. But it reminds me of a hockey team, whereas the classic logo has more menace to it. It's got a bite to it. Plus, I love horror-themed stuff, and the classic logo sort of embodies that. Not that I actually think they should drop the new logo or anything. I just prefer the retro one, that's all.

I'm also still hoping for a dark theme sub-section

That'd be cool!

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