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Flashback Till February 2014


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He's walking on the high brakes. There is a catwalk directly underneath the brakes for maintenance to safely access said brakes.

Still darn...For the guys on my crew, if they went out and messed with any high up brakes like on gemini or mean streak they had to have some sort of fall protection. Lucky buggers..Hell I even had to wear a freaking hard hat walking low zones..

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Glad to see you back! Excellent pictures so far!

OMG you're kjkjkj! I remember seeing your Kings Island recreation in RCT3! Are you still working on that?

Hopefully someday it will be completed! It's been a very long time since I've played RCT though

Back to the topic, I miss KCKC! Especially now that Tomb Raider/ The Crypt is gone, it seems like it was almost for nothing. It was always one of my favorite rides to ride at night before I started riding The Beast.

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Without the terrain, woods, and tunnel, it would not be nearly as good.

Pretend there was room at CP and it was built there. It would not get nearly as many great reviews and as much love as it does in its current settings at KI. I agree that its layout is nothing special. It's everything but the layout that makes that ride awesome.

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But you cannot separate the two. If it were not for the terrain, the ride would not be laid out the way that it is. And it is saying something that it has been the longest wooden roller coaster in the country, for 35 years now. It is still the longest roller coaster (wood or steel) in North America. The second longest coaster in North America is up north at Cedar Point with Millennium Force.

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