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Cute Kings Island Couples' Stories


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With Valentine's Day just a few days away, I thought it would be neat if we posted cute relationship stories, from the park. Reading Stinky and Tanna's story (which can be found here: http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/28938-New-for-2014---Platinum/Gold-Passes-&-Unlimited-Dinosaurs-Alive-Access) gave me the idea.

I first realized that I liked my current boyfriend, while riding White Water Canyon. Now we try to ride it during most visits to the park. If any of you guys have some cute stories like that, I'd love to read them!

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Met my current girlfriend of 2 1/2 years while working @ Cedar Point.

Was working Witches Wheel, she was in my line and I saw her. I messed up my spiel and did my Corkscrew spiel, as it was my first day back on Monster/Witches Wheel after going back to my home ride. They laughed, we talked a bit while the ride was down slow waiting for brakes. Got the cars unlocked, came back, talked a few seconds, got her and her friends on the ride. After they rode, I always prepared a few of my cell phone numbers on slips of paper. Tossed her one and told her I got off at 1800, to message me to meet up to go do something cool and I could get her on the last ride of Dragster that night.

We hung out after I got off work riding rides with her friends and my one enthusiast friend in the park. Went to Thirsty Pony that night and had dinner as a group. Then went back to the KOA where they were staying to watch a movie..All on August 31st 2011. Ended up spending the night there and then spending the morning riding rides with them and then working that afternoon. Spent the evening there again hanging out and whatnot, then asked her out. Next AM I went to work while they went to the park, I finished up work, saw them off to head back down to KI for the next week

The rest is history, and here we are now :)

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I don't know if it really classifies as "cute" but.. My wife and I spend the weekend closest to Halloween at KI every year. We were married on Halloween so it is our annual anniversary mini-vacation. Fog, monsters and holding hands during a crisp fall night ride on The Beast..does it get any more romantic than that?

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I posted this a few years ago, here's my story:

I can speak from experience on this one, as I proposed to Mrs. Gator at Kings Island...

We knew we were going to get married, so we went ring shopping together. She picked out the one she liked, and I took it home until the day I popped the question. She didn't know when or where I was going propose, but I knew...

We were going to KI with friends (who were in on it), and I had everything all worked out. I was going to propose at the top of the Eiffel Tower with the fireworks going off.

The day of, Mrs. Gator-to-be and our friends came to my house to pick me up. She saw the ring box on my dresser and wanted to look at it. I refused and told her she had to wait until I proposed. Little did she know that the ring wasn't in the box, it was in my pocket. I had taken it out to throw her off.

All day, I kept checking on the ring to make sure it was still there. I had it in a secure pocket, but I couldn't help myself.

It came to the end of the day, and Mrs. Gator-to-be wanted to get a sundae. We went to the Depot Sundae Shop in Rivertown, and she and one of our friends sat and finished their ice cream. I kept looking at my watch. We had to get going if my plan was to work out.

We made our way to the Eiffel Tower, and as we were passing the Antique cars I saw the elevator go up. I had a sinking feeling that it was the last one before fireworks. When we got to the base of the tower I asked the ride op if that was the last one, and sure enough, it was. Our friend Heather (who had set Mrs. Gator-to-be and I up on a semi-blind date, but that's another story) asked me "So now where's the best spot to see the fireworks?" with a smile on her face.

I had to think quickly, so we booked it up to the front of the park. When we got to the front of the fountains, I handed my camera to one of my friends and we didn't have to wait to long for the fireworks to start. As soon as they did, I got down on my knee and proposed. Mrs. Gator-to-be said yes (which I pretty much knew - or hoped - she would, since she picked out the ring!). I got up, and she practically tackled me she hugged me so hard. Quite a few people around us came up and congratulated us.

We got some great pictures during the whole thing, with the fountains and the fireworks in the background. (One of these years I'm going to get around to scanning in all of my old KI pics and putting them on here, and when I do these will be included. This was back in 1996, in the days of film and before the age of digital storing of photographs!) We were married a little over a year later.

Sorry this was so long, but it's the first time I've told that story on here!

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I love Gator's story.

I'm 16, nothing TOO romantic happens in my life.

My girlfriend and I had our first date at Kings Island.

She was afraid of roller coasters but after hours of persuasion, I got her to ride Flight Deck (The Bat). We marathoned it 7 times before we moved to Invertigo (which is now her second favorite ride next to Firehawk).

Ah. Teenage "love" xD.

We're planning on going opening weekend and I decided as a birthday present, I'll try to win her a big stuffed animal.

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I was engaged to a man and we went to Kings Island once. He boo hoo'd about Face Off hurting him. He then nearly chickened out getting on The Outer Limits Flight of Fear because he was afraid to ride. Seriously what a wienie.

We went to Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom a few weeks later and he was afraid of Chang and Twisted Twins. As if Kings Island was not a big enough warning sign, this truly sealed the break up. We broke up 2 weeks later. (Not because of the non compatibility of amusement parks, it was just not a good thing at all for a solid marriage for a multitude of reasons.)

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What's a girlfriend? I'm not familiar with that term. :P

I've been single my whole life. :(

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I was single until age 33, the grass is always greener on the other side. Both have there goods and bads. I couldn't wait to settle down, now I call my single years the good ol days! :D

How about no?

BB1, who doesn't brag about dates.

You Mad Bro?

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We celebrate our anniversary (almost) every year at Kings Island on the Fourth of July. We get a babysitter, hotel with shuttle or cab ride for ours and your safety, and must have Fastlane passes! Last year we didn't make it because I worked and my son was floating in her belly, he is now my favorite little living bobble head. :wub:

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I met my husband through this forum, technically (his username is dare-to-fly). We'd spoken on the forums but I remember we met in person for the first time in Racer's queue on opening day 2009. We both ended up working for the park that season, and started dating in September. We got married last October and went on an epic coaster honeymoon in southern California. :P

Right after we started dating in 2009, on Stricker's train. Yes, he's wearing his KI uniform.


At our wedding, October 7 2012


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Oh fine... I'll share my Kings Island couple story.

See, back in 2010, I was at Kings Island for the first time since my early childhood. I had recently conquered my fear of coasters, and it just so happened that my quest to ride them all led me to the girl of my dreams. We met in Coney Mall. I knew it was love at first sight. Sure, she's a bit older than me, but she was still looking fine for her age. On top of that, I noticed immediately that she was wearing my favorite shade of blue. How can I resist a nice lady with good taste in colors, right? As soon as we met, she had me head-over-heels several times over. We were together the rest of the day after that first meeting. We were even together for the fireworks that night. I've been extremely happy to have her as a part of my life ever since, except for a brief period back in July of 2011 when she didn't seem to want anything to do with me. Or anyone else for that matter. She just barricaded herself away from people and refused to do anything. I never fully understood what was the matter, but a few weeks later, it was as if nothing had ever happened and there we were, spending nearly every waking moment together whenever we were both at Kings Island. Since then, the only bad time in our relationship was when her father Ron (who had become one of my personal heroes) passed away. It's been a turbulent relationship, but I don't regret a minute of it.

And that's the story of me and Vortex.

-homestar92, who suddenly realizes that he probably needs a girlfriend...

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