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Racer question.


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Just a question about The Racer, has anyone ever had extreme sharp pains sent through their chest when riding in the very back of The Racer? Me and my friend have experienced these pains after riding in the very back, the pains would last for a hour or more. We got the pains from sitting in the middle a couple times to, so now we always sit in the front, anyone know why that happens? It always happen at the bottom of hills.

(Sorry if there is already a thread for this)

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Chest pain lasting an hour or more is certainly not good. I would recommend not riding any thrill rides that might cause this until you have spoken with your doctor.

From KI's guest assistance guide:

You know your physical conditions and limitations, Kings Island does not.

If you suspect your health could be at risk for any reason, or you could aggravate a preexisting condition of any kind, DO NOT RIDE!

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I personally have only had sharp pains on such wooden like:

Son of Beast, Mean Streak, The Predator etc.

It makes sense to have the pains at the bottoms of hills because you're whole body is being forced downward at around 2-3 times your own body weight average (guesstimate). But with that there are extra, sudden forces upward when the train bounces up momentarily due to the wooden ride being looser in the wheel configuration than steel coasters.

That's just the character of wooden rides; they tend to be rougher.

For me, though, I don't get pain from The Racer, I lean forward slightly on all wooden coasters, esp. at the bottoms of hills. It gives your body more room to move and to, with your effort, have an air cushion so the movements aren't as aggressive.

Instead of one of the walls pushing you, it would more often simply get closer to your body, if you sit with a slight lean. Slight.


But you probably shouldn't be riding if you have pains for that prolonged period of time.

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I used to have some similar pains when I was younger, and I took a break from riding coasters (for a few hours). These happened on wooden rides like the others have said, and typically in the bumpy seats on the coaster. Like Racer's back row, which I will never ride again.

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Chest pain can be categorized into many many things..in no way is the following medical advice in any way, always seek help from your primary care first. If you care not to answer or to shoot a PM I'm more than happy to help explain as best I possibly can, but again I'm only an EMT through the military, seek primary care as they know your history and medical background better than I would


Where and when does the pain start

Any medical problems

Anything to eat or drink before the pain starts

Any events leading up to that could have caused pain

Anything to cause the pain to be better or worse

Scale of 1 to 10, one being next to nothing, 10 being run over twice and slapped, how bad is the pain

Does it spread anywhere else or pinpoint, and if it does spread where

Any other symptoms

How long does this last

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Just some general wooden coaster advice as well: where you sit on the train doesn't really matter. What matters is where you sit within the car. I'll try to explain the best I can. Basically, on the wooden coasters at Kings Island, each car has three rows. The first and third row in each of the cars are what we call wheel seats, since they are directly over a wheel. What you want to do is sit in the second row of any given car on the train. This will offer you a dramatically smoother ride, as you are not taking the full brunt of every bump in the track, as you would if you sat in a wheel seat.

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