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vermillionlove's Trip Reports, feel free to post also :)


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Not sure if I should make a trip report thread all of my own. I hope I'm doing this right!

I went today and enjoyed weekday operation (kinda) and ERT for the first time this season! Another first, EVER for me happened today when I got stuck on a ride. Not a big deal, it was just Delirium. :P The platform was stuck down, would not come back up and restraints would not unlock so they had to have someone come fix it! Was stuck for a little bit. Much better than being stuck with legs hanging down.

I woke up at 5:15 and left with my bf around 6:30 for his shift starting at 7. He works at the park. I sat in the car reading the hunger games until 9:30. Today was another first for me in this way, that I was alone. It was odd, but I still had a great time!

During the day, this is just what I remember, I rode Delirium 3-4 times, Diamondback x2, The Beast x2, Vortex x1, Racer x1, Adventure Express x1, Flight of Fear x1, Invertigo x1. The longest line was for FoF, because it was after it started raining! Rides were walk-on for the most part, but I like to go for the front seat which added a minimal wait. So worth it though for rides like The Beast!

I wanted to go for Invertigo a second time, but the delay on the Delirium made me nearly late for meeting up with my bf after his shift was over at 4. Next time!

Also next time I want to make sure to ride The Bat, Backlot Stunt Coaster, Firehawk and of course the Banshee (: I should have extra money for a locker next time.

The rain today was a minor annoyance, I had a light jacket with me I threw on whenever the rain would come on. I was hoping to see a rainbow, but I suppose it wasn't sunny enough.




I spotted this bird's nest :)

I'm rather shy and not quite good at talking to people IRL, but at the same time I yearn to meet other enthusiasts. If you see me, a chick with my hair in a weird bun, typically Diamondback first rider shirt, and a green drawstring bag with yoshi on it, come say hi :)http://i.imgur.com/jwpRXy3.png here is a pic of me I screencapped from the Banshee opening day line video lol!

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TRIP REPORT FOR MAY 12th 2014 :) actually, it's more like a diary than anything... It was a great day, I did pretty much everything I wanted to do!

Today I went alone again, brought along by my bf while he goes to work. Better than me sitting around my house all day =p although I was alone, I was talking to people a lot. I am usually shy and don't seek out conversation, but I found my way into them today.

My first ride was Diamondback. I went for the front and a man behind me was also a single rider. We chatted as we were going up the hill, and waiting to go back into the station. He told me he was thinking about bringing his niece on the ride, but as we were going up the hill he says "oh no this wouldn't be a good ride for her.." lol =D he mentioned that he hadn't been to the park in years and asked me about the Son of Beast, mentioning he heard they took the loop out. I told him it's all gone now, and Banshee is standing in his place!

also I ended up pairing off with a single rider in the line for The Beast as well. a group of 3, I was the 3rd guy's ride buddy. We chatted as well, I saw he had a Banshee first rider shirt and we talked about opening day and how the Banshee is. he warned me that he screams like a little girl on the ride. Not really (:

I took a ride on the train for the first time this season. I quite enjoyed the guide's information, it made for an interesting an amusing ride. I took a video of my ride, but my phone isn't wanting to upload it. :{ I saw pikachu in the window at the inn :3


I went through Dinosaurs Alive! for the first time today. The size of the exhibit surprised me. It was rally cool, I'd like to do it again. But honestly it feels a little out of place at Kings Island, maybe more of a zoo thing. Anyway, one of the first dinos I saw was this guy:
If you look closely at his head (above the eye) you'll see a caterpillar! lol!

My trip into Dinosaurs Alive quickly turned into me finding caterpillars inching for their lives across the concrete walk. I would pick them up and set them on nearby trees, so they wouldn't get squished.

I've been seeing quite a lot of the little guys at a park near my house, so seeing them at ki was a pleasant surprise! :)

I took this pic of The Racer, a view i'm not sure I've seen before today.

I took rides on the shake rattle & roll, zephyr, Vortex and monster. I played DDR in the arcades and set a new high score. it was for the song think ya better D on heavy.

Oh DDR how I love you ♥

Anyway, I also headed over to The Racer. while in line I noticed a little girl had the same hairtie as me around her wrist, but I didn't say anything (shy). but it turned out she noticed too, and tapped me to point it out. :)

I wanted to get on Invertigo. I got in line, at first going for the front, but deciding that I may as well go in an empty seat. I just didn't want to be stuck facing a stranger. ^^; after the gates open, a guy sitting in my seat turns to me and says "this one will scare you!" before getting out. Haha, don't speak so soon guy. (; well, I was scared away, but not by the ride. I experienced another first today: hearing, smelling, and seeing a protein spill right before my eyes. At least the guy had gotten off the ride first and was over/near a can. I panicked for a second, feeling suffocated, turned on my heel and went back through the gate and out the entrance line, good thing there weren't any people. I decided to come back later but in the end I was too squicked out to return at all. sorry to any who were reading and are now grossed out, moving on now!

I decided to ride the viking ship for the first time of the season. I sat on the right side, second row. soon after I got in line, a mother and daughter came in, mother started walking towards the left but the daughter decided she wanted to ride on the opposite side. she was little but decided to brave the outer seat. :) during the ride, the mother smiled to her daughter, who exclaimed that she was a big girl and she could ride there. It was one of the most adorable things I've seen all day, tied with the caterpillars, and some girl's cat stockings. http://www.blueeyedbookworm.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/Kitties1.jpg

I wish I could have ridden WindSeeker and/or Drop Tower today. maybe next time. (: I'm realizing I also didn't do Adventure Express. But I can do without that one. it's speed is fun, but the restraints could do a better job holding me in place.

I noticed that after some time, Delirium was testing! yay! I heard it may be 10 or so test cycles before they accept riders. So I went and had some lunch in the festhaus. Nothing exciting, some crackers and pretzels I had in my bag. But the panda express smelled so good. ~_~ When I was done, I was able to come out and ride. I've noticed that seats from 1-25 or so gives you a view of the ground when you are spinning in the air. 26-50 shows you the sky. I prefer the sky, because when I ride I like to let my legs and arms hang out in front of me, coming off my seat a little, like i'm going to fall into the sky. it's quite a rush. but looking down at the ground from so high up is also awesome! I love Delirium!

I decided I was going to get a 2 hour locker rental and ride the Banshee and Firehawk while my bag was secured. I'm so glad I did. I got in so many rides on the Banshee. I rode in the front seat several times, at least 5 or more, and only had to wait a few minutes if that! The ride is really incredible, I can feel the g-forces in the tips of my feet most, and i love the airtime. I don't love the restraints squiching my collarbone so much. which is odd, considering i'm not a small girl and my collarbones don't protrude much. But I wonder how comfortably it would have fit last year at this time, when I was 55lbs heavier?

while I was riding the Banshee, I decided to try the back seat, although I was especially paranoid today about protein spills. almost on cue, another single rider got in line behind me, as we approached the station he said something like "front seat is for losers." P: we both ended up going for the back. we talked a bit while seating, going up the hill, and while waiting to go back into the station. he used a few terms that made me think he may be an enthusiast and could possibly be a member of the forum so I asked, and he was (: the first time I met a KICer.

I decided to go see about getting on the Firehawk. I got a cup of ice water on my way and went through the arcade. I saw a little girl had won the big prize on one of the games, big bass fishing I think, you land your spinner on a tiny slice of wheel and get 5000 tickets, she won! I congratulated her, and realized it was the same little girl and mother from the viking ship. I mentioned that I recognized them and told the mother her daughter is adorable, she said I was sweet. :>

Anyway, when I made my way over to the Firehawk, I saw it was closed. After I trekked over there! closed! gah. I decided to go for FoF while I was still there. It was a longish line but not too bad. I was behind two young guys who talked about losing their virginity and their "numbers" among other things. P: I tried my best to look like I couldn't easily hear them, and finished my ice water.

When I got to the station, I wanted front seat so I waited a few cycles. the operator asked us to pick a number 1-100, apparently it decides what she says before sending everyone off. I think the number picked was six, but the line had me laughing like mad: "LOOKS LIKE TEAM ROCKET'S BLASTING OFF AGAAAAIN!" *sends train off* I will ask them to say 6 if I can remember. I hope I heard the number right. Anyway, my ride was awesome! The room seemed better lit, not exactly bright or anything, but not as dark as usual.

After the ride, I went back over to the Banshee. I got one last ride in, and afterwards asked what the time was, and it was about 5 minutes before my locker expired, perfect timing. My last ride was perfect though, I got an edge seat and the sky looked beautiful, with sun beams streaming from the clouds, creating a heavenly scene. here's a picture I took after I was on the ground and got my stuff from the locker.


After that ride, I headed over to The Bat, for my first ride this season, with the new paint. It was as deserted over there as it was pre-makeover. The ride looks really great though. I thought for a second I might get a train to myself, but someone came.

After The Bat I went to the Backlot Stunt Coaster, another first this season. I got front seat on that too. It was a really fun ride, and I could have easily gotten back in line and done it again, but time was running short and I still wasn't sure if I wanted to head to Invertigo and try that again, or do a few rides on Diamondback. I decided Diamondback.

I walked over there and got a front row seat. it was 7:56 when it was done. I got back in line and managed a back set ride. I wouldn't have gotten front seat again, but I sort of regret doing the back seat, it was rocky. only in some parts, like the track was violently vibrating the back of the train. it hurt my head :s but going up the hill was awesome, getting a view of the sunset that I wouldn't have even known was there, from the ground with no clear views of the horizon anywhere.

It was closing time, and time to meet up with my bf. exiting the park I got a lovely view! unfortunately my camera can't pick up sunsets as well as it should. It was seriously a beauty though, and the kind that casts everything in a pretty golden light.





So, let me see if I can figure out a ride total. Diamondback: 3 Beast: 1 Train: 1 Shake Rattle & Roll: 1 Monster: 1 Zephyr: 1 Viking Fury: 1 The Racer: 1 Vortex: 1 Delirium: 1 Flight of Fear: 1 Backlot Stunt Coaster: 1 The Bat: 1 Banshee: 10? almost everything!

and some random pictures I didn't fit in anywhere:



if you're still reading, I love you :D

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I really enjoyed your report :)

I'll be going a lot alone this summer too, and like you, I tend toward shyness (although, at my age, I'm getting over my fear: I can talk to people if I need to and often enjoy it, I just tend to keep to myself mostly). I think there is something about a place where most people are there to have fun that makes it easier to break out of my shell.

Amusement parks were the first places where I went "alone" when I was growing up. I was there with my family, but was allowed to go off for periods of time unchaperoned by my parents or sister. It was a little scary, but also liberating.

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TRIP REPORT for May 23rd, 2014

I'm a little behind on this, but I still want to share the pictures I took and overall impression of the day :)

I went alone again, joining my BF as he went to work. Tomorrow (29th) I think we might go together for the first time in a while!

I was not expecting the park to be as crowded as it was, but it was a Friday, and the beginning of memorial day weekend. I didn't do a whole lot of riding things, I spent a lot of time just walking around, and checking out the lines. I probably made my way around the whole park 3 or 4 times. I like to walk around in the arcades each time I pass them, to enjoy the air conditioning, and see if anyone is on the DDR machines :) I played 3 free games that day. I noticed the machine by The Beast had two credits, but no one near the machine. Later, around nine I was feeling exhausted and like I could hardly stand, but when I checked out the arcade an saw a game in progress that had been abandoned, I jumped on it :P

after arriving at the park, going right for Diamondback as I usually do and seeing the line in the state it was, I made my way over to The Beast and made a stop at the train for my first ride of the day.


I got a picture of Pikachu this time! I also took this picture while waiting for the train to leave the station. I had a very nice view of the Diamondback's first drop.


After walking past The Beast and deciding to save it for last, I went over to Vortex. Ugh, I have a story to tell later on about my last ride of the night that made me mad at myself, I'll get to that. I rode on the left side of the train, I usually ride on the right. I like my usual better. :)


Vortex's front door, and WindSeeker in operation!!!

After riding The Vortex, I got my first WindSeeker ride of the season in. :) I much prefer riding with a friend of mine, since single riders will get paired and I suck horribly at small talk. The guy sitting next to me said he was from a city 4 hours from here in indiana. He commented on how it was fun but not thrilling, and that's okay. I told him when I want to feel a thrill on the WindSeeker, I just pretend the lapbar isn't there! Telling this to my friends has made them recoil in terror, muahaha.

I walked down coney mall, enjoying the Zephyr, and the arcades. I played DDR 5 or 6 times. I played a song in arcade for the first time, that I had not had the courage to try in public. But I had it down and rocked it. 8)

I also spent a lot of tokens on claw machines trying to get a minecraft toy for my brother. didn't win. :(


here's the machine in question I spent most tokens on, this one's by The Beast. it serves two purposes, to show my little brother the toys later and a selfie of your humble narrator.

I rode The Racer two times, first on the red train and second on blue. it was my first time on the red train this season (or is it the other way around? I forget!) anyway, I find I prefer the side I took second (the only side that has been open so far on my visits this season) better. I love the airtime so much!

I walked by Delirium and it had not yet opened. every time I walked by it later though, it was crowded. I walked around the action theater area, looking at the lines for the Banshee and Invertigo. I stopped and took a look at the Banshee berries for the first time. I watched an employee really load one of those bowls up with berries and cover them with whipped cream, and it looked soooo good! I only had $10 to spend though and wasn't sure what to buy. I decided to come back later if I was hungry.

Invertigo's line was also pretty long, but I took a few minutes to rest, take pictures, and sing along with the song on the radio (I think it was justin timberlake haha). had a little bit of small talk with a man waiting for his family who was in the line.


I actually came back later and stood in line for a few minutes around 8:30, but decided heading over to The Beast might be a better idea and left the line.

Now, these events may not be exactly chronological, since I spent a lot of time just wandering around P:

I went through the festhaus, enjoying the nostalgic smell. I rode the viking fury, I sat on the far left side, I think the far right is better though, you get a nicer view from up high. I shared my lapbar with a little boy, which made me nervous because his legs were tiny compared to mine and there was room under the lapbar for him to put his arms! I'll just ride it with a friend next time.

Later, I decided I was getting really hungry, and decided I wanted to try the Banshee berries. Unfortunately it was a different employee who didn't use as many berries or as much whipped cream as I had seen earlier. I carried my bounty back to a seat in the middle of the Action Zone, and had the feeling my snack was drawing attention, as I sat down I heard a girl say "that looks so good!" :)


the picture didn't come out so good, but here it is! the berries were nice and sweet, but I was hungry again quickly, which I should have forseen. I just wanted to try it bad! :P I was left wondering if I should have instead tried a Banshee twist. maybe next time.

from my seat, I watched Delirium swinging and Banshee roaring through the track.


also I picked up an abandoned unopened package of skyline oyster crackers. :P and ate them. actually, that was when I was in the line for The Racer. so I guess I had berries before The Racer. man, I shouldn't have waited to long to do my trip report. :P

I think it was getting to be around 7, and everything was getting to be that pretty golden color.




I went over to Diamondback and got a ride in. the line wasn't too bad, and I got front seat. As I was going up the hill, I watched a train kick up the water and create a rainbow, which was very satisfying! not as satisfying as the ride though. :) but right after, I went over to see if I could get a picture of a rainbow, but none were appearing. maybe I was at just the right angle, or the sun wasn't hitting it right anymore.

it was around 9:10 I think when I got in line for The Beast, and something happened i've never had happen before, I was able to get on RIGHT before they stopped operation for the fireworks, by the time my train rolled back into the station, everyone was waiting. but the ride was fantastic! It was so dark in the woods. but I got cold from the ride.

Now, this is the point where I look back at myself and facepalm. while exiting The Beast, I noticed the time was 9:57. so I RAN from The Beast, and tried to figure in my head if I could get to the Diamondback or Vortex faster. I decided Vortex and ran myself down to the entrance, with time to spare. I was all alone from what I could tell, and amazingly, as I ran up into the station, there was no line for the front seat so I jumped right for it. the train had been just rolling into the station and I was ready to get on. as the doors opened I walked forward, only to see the second row in front of me... and a couple going into the front seats. *facepalm* to make things worse, I hesitated, before noticing what I had done, trying to go for the front and seeing they were technically there first, I had just picked the wrong row. I went to the box and put my bag away, hating myself for my dumb slip up. I sat in the second row and could see they were setting off fireworks, which was nice. but throughout the ride I was just fuming at myself for picking the wrong spot and not noticing. to add insult to injury (or injury to insult), the second seat felt a lot bumpier.

after that, it was time to meet up with the BF and go home. it was a pretty good day overall, but just couldn't get over my dumb mistake. Also, I was terribly cold for the rest of the night, probably from the chilly night rides.

I hope we will be able to visit the park tomorrow. :)

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Wow it's been a while since I made a trip report! I visited the park on a day a few weeks ago but never wrote about it. Two notable things from that day: I rode Banshee at night, in the dark for the first time (then second, third... 5th or 6th time!) also earlier that day I got my bag soaked in pop because someone's souvenir cup spilled in the Delirium bin. -_-

But TODAY, July 1st, 2014, I visited the park again, this time with my beloved bf, rather than him dropping me off then heading to work. (:

I didn't take many pictures today, which I regret, I should have taken one of us. We had a pretty awesome day, despite being chased out of the park around 8 by a looming storm. We had many firsts today! We haven't been to the park on a "date" since opening day, and we only rode Banshee that day. Since then we've visited the park together accompanied by a friend of mine. We got to do a lot of things for the first time this season, He got his first rides of the season for Vortex, Invertigo, Racer, WindSeeker, Zephyr, and others I can't recall. We got our firsts together for Drop Tower and the Eiffel Tower. (:

Also today I got a high score for Tsugaru on the DDR machine in the big arcade in coney mall. I was surprised, I thought I did kind of badly, but I guess not =p I love entering a high score!

Altogether: these are the rides I can remember we did: Diamondback, The Beast, Vortex, WindSeeker, Zephyr, The Racer, Drop Tower, Invertigo, Delirium, Boo Blasters on Boo Hill, and the Eiffel Tower.

As I was making that list I remembered Boo Blasters! Ryan had never ridden it before, and the last time I did it, it was Scooby Doo themed. It was the first thing we did, while headed to Diamondback, we were talking about it, and I mentioned it's air conditioned, and didn't need to say anything more! lol. It was an interesting ride, it was a lot more exciting than I remember it being before. Does anyone know what the highest score you can get is? (:





sorry the pictures are so huge!!

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Nice pictures! There is no maximum score on Boo Blasters, other than the technical limitation of the score displays only having four digits. However, in order to get that high, the ride would have to stop for quite a while, possibly multiple times, so you could shoot the same targets dozens of times. Without the ride stopping, consider yourself lucky (or really good) if you break into the 2000s.

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Nice pictures! There is no maximum score on Boo Blasters, other than the technical limitation of the score displays only having four digits. However, in order to get that high, the ride would have to stop for quite a while, possibly multiple times, so you could shoot the same targets dozens of times. Without the ride stopping, consider yourself lucky (or really good) if you break into the 2000s.

I recall getting nearly 1k points, not too bad for my first try I suppose (:

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i've had many trips that I didn't write anything about! :( I've been slacking lol!

some things that come to mind: one day while entering the park, the man who scanned my pass stopped me to get a good look. he had to ask the others around him "is this Amanda?" pointing from the screen to me. "yeah!" they all said. I was scared he wasn't going to let me in. I think I may have tried to grab my pass back from him too hastily. Well, he was holding it out in my direction after scanning it, but was still judging my resemblance to my picture. My picture is from 2008, I haven't had a new one taken since. I am kind of attached to the picture, it was taken on a happy day. my bf pointed out that I have lost weight, but my weight is about the same now as it was in 2008. i'm just glad there wasn't any trouble P:

I had an awesome visit with my bf around the middle of July. It was one of the best days we've had together in a while. we tried the Banshee twist. we managed a fireworks ride on the Banshee, our hands locked for the whole ride. It was his first night rides on the Banshee. (: When we got off and looked at our picture of us linked together, and he gave me the most loving smile I could have melted into a happy puddle right there. :3

one day I played DDR a few times. It seems there are new tracks on the machine in coney mall. As I put my second token in, a passing employee said "get it girl!" (:

crowds have been between uncomfortably large and somewhat pleasantly small, although I have been only going on weekdays and one time on a friday. I know I don't want to miss those few awesome days where the kids are going back to school and everything is a walk-on. <3

The two of us were there last Thursday. we got our first rides of the season on Firehawk, while also using the locker time to ride the Banshee. We got off our last ride at 9:57 or so, and we were running to the line when the fireworks started. They closed the line right in front of us, although it was not yet 10:00. :/ anyone else experienced this? why are they doing it like this?

The ride on Firehawk was intense though. It was an amazing ride, adrenaline pumping as I felt myself being strained by the forces against the harness, feeling like I could go flying out, but I know I wouldn't. I had forgotten how much of a thrill that ride is. (: we were riding in the back of the train. My eyeballs felt like they were going to pop out a few times lol.

This is all i can remember to mention at the moment >_<

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