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Sneak peak!


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We entered the park though the drop off area and made our way to the new security area. We waited about 20 mins for them to let us though. The system was painless and easy.

Then we went into the park We went to season pass processing and got our passes done I had parking so it seemed to take a bit longer.

We got in line to make the new Scooby doo run. We were about 10 back and there was a 20 min delay. We went and I must say I am impressed. The theming was great. Still could still see some of PT themeing. There is also a fast pass line. The ride itself is a blast. Me FOF and Teenageninja squeesed into a car I had 1400 I did better than FOF but not teenageninja.

After that They wanted to ride tomb raider. I chose beast.

Beast is back. The redone turn makes alot of diffrence. We were flying. There was a bit of air there well. I had 2 very nice backseat rides. When I returned FOF and teenageninja came back from a brokendown TRTR. They got on and got there ride in BUT They were stuck. They had to manually open the trains!

Next was Vortex but alas it was broken down and it was evaced. We hit the flyers and put on a small show.

We walked around and all the rides were packed. By this time it was time to meet chuck down at the flyers.

I got chuck and his brother mixed up again. Next time name tags. They look alot alike to me

We got on and put on a nice show of how to fly. We got 1 lousy ride we wanted to eat and we wanted to try the new chineese food. So back up to the front of the park. I must say the food is good. Cheap too.10 bucks for a combo and drink.

Then I wanted to do a little shopping. I bought beast hoodie and a beast 64oz mug.

We ended our day down at the flyers doing a flyers fest we kicked butt.

Overall it seems the park was WAY to busy. lines were long and rides went up and down. I had fun and its all good


Theres some pics.

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