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April 12th Breakdowns....


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Hey... i went to the park today (April 12th) and got stuck on 2 different rides mad.gif

First was SOB during an Early Ride time. It was 9:45, and i had just jumped in the train. When the operator got the thumbs up, he sent the car out of the station, but quickly relized something and stopped the train halfway out of the station. We were stuck there for a good 10 minutes. Eventually, some PKI execs. and Maintentence came and looked at the problem (not sure what happened) and sent us on our trip.

Second was Top Gun. We rode the ride sucessfully, but when we hit the block brakes waiting to enter the station, we were told there was a technical delay. We ended up chatting with some ride ops, because again, PKI Maintence and Execs. rolled up in a few vehicles and fixed the problem (not sure what that was either). All in all, this took about 15 minutes.

Another occerence hapened when i was just about to board Delirium. they had trouble getting it to the home posistion and had to call over a Matientence person. Then, they got everyone off and did a test run... finally we could ride wink.gif

All in all, a fun day, but I hope KI gets all these kinks out for a nice uptime driven season...

and oh, by the way, TR:TR was broken down all day (what a suprise...) along with the Backwards Racer and Drop Zone when i left was down

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I was upset that TR:TR was closed all day yesterday, it being one of my favorite rides in the park and my friend had never ridden it. I did, in fact, get to ride it on the Sneak Peak night. It was opening just as I was passing by, and me and three friends rushed in. We got to the third chamber where you watch the movie and then all the lights shut off and the backups kicked in. We waited about 30 minutes to ride, but we had nothing better to do. Just chatted to the crew and watched the super human staff open the huge stone slab with their bare hands. I hope TR:TR doesn't act up like this all season.

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