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PKI 4-13


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I decided to goto PKI this morning. I made a good choice. I arrived at 9am. HB was open for gold pass holders I went to HB and got in on scooby doo right before it opened.

Scooby was fun. I had 2 blasters so my score was high. It was good fun.

Next up was beastie.

I road in the front had a fun little ride the breaks were on hard this morning. I tried to get on taxi jam but no one would let me rent a kid.

I waited around for rivertown to open so I could ride The Beast.

Beast was ummm I cannot put my finger on it. Maybe it was just problems waking up. 1st half was ok second half was a tad slow.

Flyers were next.

I did 2 cycles got good pops and snaps.


It was running well I sat in the back so I could get that airtime. Not bad on the headbanging either.

SpongeBob in 3-d

It was fun but not as good as 7th portal. This should of been on the B side of the theater and kept 7th portal.


Very fun. On ride photo is back!


I had a nice time on it.Spun alot

Adventure Express

it was ok all the effects worked.

Top Gun.

Short sweet and to the point.




food for the day was subway. BLT and blueberry icee good time.

Rides not operating

recaR TRTR

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I also went today. I got to the park at about 10:00. The sign said SOB, Face/Off and TR would be closed, but only TR ended up being closed all day. In order I rode: Drop Zone, SOB, Delirium, AE, Racer, FOF, Vortex, Beast, Sponge Bob, Delirium again, Face/Off, and Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle. Delirium was really cool. It was even better than I thought it would be. Sponge Bob was alright, but I thought 7th Portal was better. Looks like they're getting an Indiana Jones-type simulator in next to it though, so that looks pretty cool. Scooby Doo was also really fun. I noticed that Racer got a new sign. King Cobra is still there, some of the track is in a field behind SOB and the rest is in a clearing near The Racer's lift hill. If you go into the Eifel Tower and look right past The Racer's lift to the right, you'll see a clearing with most of KC's track.

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Well, I also went today and I was surprised that it wasn't crowded at all.

I got to the park at about 11:30. The metal detectors were simple and easy to walk through. I had no problem with them.

I decided to got to The Beast first. I arrive at a glorious sight... The Beast is a walk on and running 3 trains. The first drop didn't feel like anything with the excessive braking. It still was a great ride even with the slow drop. I actually got 2 straight rides on it without even getting out of my seat!

Next ride was Vortex since TR:TR was not running. Vortex was also a walk on and still fun.

After Vortex I was off to ride Spongebob. I wasn't expecting much from it since I do not watch Spongebob. What I got was a horrible ride and much disapointment. Half of the ride you are just sitting still and nothing is happening. 3D effects were hardly used. I don't know why this is in the Action F/X Theater because there is no action. This is definatly the worst ride that has been in the Theater. I won't pay another visit to this ride again.

Next was FOF. Yea, no line in the UFO queue line! The front seat was a blast. I don't know if it was running faster or if it has just been a long time since I've ridden it, but it sure felt fast.

Time for Drop Zone, only a 10 minute wait. This was my best ride of the day. Since it has been so long since I last rode it, it felt more like 10 seconds when I was dropping than the actual 2 seconds. I thought it would never end. I was so glad that I finally got to ride again.

After Drop Zone it was Top Gun. I got to ride in the front seat of the new train. I noticed that the restraint has softer padding than the old one. The new train made the ride feel better.

After all this it was time to go. I didn't get to ride SDATHC or Delirium because I didn't feel like waiting a long time when I already got to ride them on Media Day. It was 2:30 and I was glad that I got to ride so much in such little time. I would highly reccomend going to PKI early on a Sunday if you want the shortest rides on a weekend. I've been waiting all winter and it has finally come. Thank you PKI for a great day!

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