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Banshee featured on Good Morning America


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We were out last night with my sister-in-law for her birthday and she was mentioning how she'd like to get back to Kings Island this summer so she could ride "The Banshee" and "The Diamondback." Sometimes you just want to correct them, but this time I let it slide.

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Is GMA Los Angeles based? Cuz they refer to their freeways as "the" out there. Where we say "I took 70 to 75", they'd say "I took the 5 to the 110."

I adopted the same way of referring to them in the years I lived out there, but I never transferred it to our highways when I'd come home to visit. So, to me it is still "The 5" but not "The 75."

Even before I moved away from Ohio, I did tend to often refer to coasters as "the", even if they aren't officially called that. So, if I ever refer to "The Magnum" or "The Banshee" I hope some can cut me some slack.

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