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PKI 4-19


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The day started planned as me and FOF going to PKI. While I was waiting for the detectors to open I saw rob Nungester(chucks brother hehe). We started a conversation and he admitted he didn't know my name either. LOL (theres a back story to this IM me and ask). Anywho we get inside the park and meet back up with FOF. FoF wants to do the ace walkback Rob and I pair up for the Action Zone Gold pass ERT. We agree to meet at 10:20ish at the flyers.

Rob and I decide on Delirum. Rob could not ride last week but he wanted to try today. We got there with NO wait and got in. There was a chance for me (YAY!) The buckle was so close after being so far away on TR:TR. With a push I was in the ride! Rob was in too and we were off. The ride kicked butt. I was very happy this ride was a winner.

Next Rob and I went to SOB. A 3 train station wait.

We had a smooth back seat ride on this. Running a bit slow but it was nice. Very smooth.

We attempt Drop zone but the seatbelts just were not coperating.

Face/off was closed.

We had to meet FOF at the flyers so we did just that.

We had 3 cycles in a row without stopping! That was just cool made for hot snapping action.

We attempt TRTR Course same seats diffrent belts I can't ride. O well I will have to loose a few more pounds.

We then decide to goto daddy Beast. We get into the station ride goes down. We leave the line. We go back up to flyers closed due to puke. Shake rattle and roll Closed for a few. rob asks. "Whats Temporarily open?" We decide then on Sponge bob in 3d. Rob had never watched SB before and we missed the preshow so he didn't know what to expect. He came off saying it was the best ride in this theater beacuse "its funny"

Next we went to Vortex. Back seat ride good air blah blah blah whats been said thats already not been said.

Back to the flyers. They were kicking stil. Then shake rattle and roll.

Then to FOF. Now it takes a little doing to get me in there. So i get in and ask for assistance and they give me a baby push. So me and rob couldn't ride. (seemed to be theme of day when asking we didnt get much help) I road last sunday just fine and I really wanted a new onride. Alas maybe next weekend.

Over to scooby doo's haunted castle. all 3 of us squeeze in. I won with 1111 points Rob in second and foffy in 3rd. The line moves SO quick on this thing its not funny. They also need a stroller parking lot smile.gif

Then we hit up beastie for fun. Cheep kicks while in line. Beastie is a fun ride.

Then we try reptar. once again belts have to have been shortend. Like I said Loose a bit more and I'll be fine

We break up for a food and water break. FOF goes to the employee lounge(hey he works there :-P) We had planned on wings but there was a line so i went to coney express.

I got a footlong and it was better than the slop they called skyline last year (another notch in the food belt for PKI) Rob and I sat on the patio Bsing about random crap. Then we rememberd were meeting FOF in wings so we head over there and I buy rob a pop. Relax I slove his PC problems and were on with ridng.

next up was daddy beast. I road on the left side of the seat which I don't do often. I got a nice ride on there. I usually get beat up in the helix's because of my size not so.

we went back to the flyers and we stunk up. The wind was out of touch. Then Fof and I Parted ways with Rob. We road recaR(yes it was open and smooth and air filled as ever). The top gun (watch out for that maintance truck its a doozy!)

Then I saw a 10 buck special on Skyfler. 2 of my Friends were working they were busy so it was a good time to **** em off by adding more to the list. I didn't really get the speil that much cause they knew I knew it aleady. My buddy Tim was doing harnesses and Erik was at assiatnt site controller. Erik likes to mess around with me a bit cause we worked togeather on SOB/gun last year. I get Pulled up and then they wait for a bit before 3...2..1.. fly!

I flew. I didn't utter cuss words like at SFKK this was fun and a nice rush. Erik then grabbed the portable loopy thingy thinking he could hold me I took him for a ride smile.gif that was much fun! We left the park sunburt and I was tired.

Thanks to Rob (hey I rememebered.) FOF and everyone else for a good day.

good friends+good rides=good time!

PS: chuck if you read this forward my contact info to your brother please.

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Yeah, I was the little kid going with you on Eagles and going to TRTR with you today. Which would you prefer though: not making it on the ride, or getting a massive nut-cracker on TRTR? (and yes, i did get my first nut-cracker on TRTR today, lol). And about the whole FoF thing, remember me? lol. I am SOOOOOO sorry about us not being able to get you in. Let's just say the people on my crew aren't the strongest crew out there, lol. I felt so bad watching you guys have to be taken off!

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The park was good for a saturday. Hardly any wait for the coasters, Beast, Tomb Raider: The Ride, Flight of Fear, Spongebob, recaR, and Top Gun were all walk ons at the time we rode.

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