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May 10 Report


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Well today was interesting.

6:00 ~ Scan into park.....or not.. I apparently lost my ID at Grad Nite, so I get a gate pass.

9:45 ~ Clock in, Im dressing today so I'm not scene by public eye.

10:00 ~ Realize Meet and greet has a good foot of standing water due to poor foundation. time to break out the squegee's.

10:30 ~ Get to cover a walk so someone can go on Lunch break. I gt Dora......Borring. we did have a rousing game of paper rock scissors going, but it to lost its flavor.

11:00 ~ decide to go get a few new pics taken. Got snaps of Hey arnold, Dora, Donnie , Patrick, and Blue. Shoukld be posted in bout a week.

1:00 ~ LUNCH, went to lunch with my Ladies.....seriously, Me and two colorvision ladies went to lunch. I was a pimp. lol

2:00 ~ lunch is over and back to being dresser.

4:00 STORMS! i had to play big brother to some little kids who were afraid of the storms, we played hide and seek in meet and great it was fun.

6:00 Clock out.

6:30 to 9:00 Got some great footage of almost everything. I hope to get more tommorow.

I caught the last Karaoke Showing of the day. Might I say that the D.j. does an extroidanary job. wink.gif

Was vey impressed by the cheeriness in most employess espescially on such a lousy day.

9:00 Scan out

9:15 Relize I left my windows down.......time to break out the squegees.


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It rained and rained and thundered and rained some more. The weather was awful. As a result, park attendance was low and and it reflected in the book signing. Many of my friends who said they would go didn't show because of the weather.

On a positive note, the park staff (Jeff Siebert, Marnie Gurrery, etc.) were VERY kind. PKI's staff is not only professional and competent, but genuinely nice as well.

There will be another book signing and I hope that (1) it won't rain and (2) some of you nice folks can make it.

Stay dry folks,

Italian Chef

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I left the house at 4 pm and arrived at 5pm.. i thought the rain wouldve drove most people home, but there were still lines at every ride I went to... when i thought the rain would make people go home, i thought wrong sad.gif

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Wow, I'm glad I wasn't there tonight... I did, however, get to sleep in till 10 after a long night at Grad Night and I helped my grandpa with his computer and then I went out for lunch and went to the Reds game. That was nice, even though they lost. mad.gif

I do get to work all day tomorrow (well, today, since it is 12:19am Sunday morning) so I'm sure I will get my chance to be soaked in the rain.

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I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow. Or do I want it to... It is bring a friend free day... hmmm. Anyway, it was crazy like rain for about an hour today, and I've never seen so many people in the festhaus at one time. After the rain, I had my display bottle of Sprite Remix stolen. No fun at all.

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Ummm, yeah I went straight to my car to clock in, and my shoes are now in the dryer (hoping I dont have to wear wet shoes again for today (sunday at 7 right now). It was a fun night just because we did have the storms. I guess bad weather, while it doesnt make employees jump up and down, the end of them do tho.

Oh and I found the next addictive substance on Earth. This substance will rival beer in about 200000000000 years: White Castles and Mountain Dew. Oh forgot to mention, at one in the morning. I never knew you could have that much fun with a shopping cart biggrin.gif

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No rain on Sunday! I didn't get drenched! Oh, and no rain today! I didn't get drenched! Wow, I'm on a roll. It hasn't rained once since I have been in the park this year, I hope I keep that up!

I love that new Sprite, tastes like liquid skittles! Coke is supposed to release a cherry sprite sometime soon.

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