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VIP goldpass night at PKI. BRAWL FOR BEAST 2k3


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I arrived really early at PKI around 3:25 and I was let right in.

I walked around and everything had a long wait and international was REALLY packed. I went over to the return ticket window and Purchased a Timberwolf concert ticket(Weird AL JULY 27th.) I got a great seat in row k seat one of section 2. Very nice seat and for 15 bucks cannot beat that!

Rob and Chuck showed up around 5 and we headed to the back of the park where it was less crowded for some flyers action.

We had 3 good rides on the flyers and we headed to beast

Beast a good ride still trimmed too much. then we went over to TRTR

Now normally NO CHANCE of me riding. SOB TOM FOF and SOBSHEdevil(or whatever her sn is) was all there. They tried 1 time didnt work so we unlocked it and tried one more time CHACHING! I was on TRTR for the 1st time. Abit uncomfortable (i wasnt breathing chest was compressed really far down. ) I loved the ride though it was GREAT! I got off and got my lungs to go back to normal and then we walked though HB witch was really busy this evening.

We went to actionzone.

We hitup faceoff for the 1st time this season. The paint looks like crap and it needs to be painted that aside we had a 20 or so min wait and we were on. Great as usual

Then down to sonny

SOB was running good a 10 min wait for 2nd car

Great ride and so much so I got the onride.

Then down to TG for a nice ride in the new train

Delirum still cannot ride!

Then back over to the flyers

Good ride trimmed some trees.

Now down to The Beast!

We enter the line. were in the 1st set of switchbacks. A girl pushes her way though the line. Rob stops her. Then I stop her. I yell to the greeter line jumper. Rob has snapped and is YELLING!Then Craig (i believe) Was cleaning and came and helped by this time she was with her group.

Security showed up and we were asked to leave the line so we could get the story straight. Rob and me complied. I said sorry to every one on my way out though walk on wed/fastpass line. The girls were still fighting with the security guards. PKI police and I believe a mason cop were there cause it was called in a brawl. we told our side and we were right. The other group left escorted by security. We finsished up We were happy it was 10pm and we did get our ride in!

Too many lights in tunnels turn it off. Other than that good night ride. We then left the park tired but not upset. It was a fun day and I am happy!

I would like to personally thank The Beast sups (if you guys post here hit me up) and beast crew member matt for there assistance today.

Also PKI security You guys were on the ball! You guys have to be the best security ever! Situation was handled so efffently and professionally I was impressed needless to say.

TRTR crew this evening thanks!

Well Im tired. But i wanted to type before the fight details left as it was moot now.

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sobrider i was there when that person was line jumping i must say to PKI great job they handled that like they should have i couldnt really see what was going on i was up front getting ready to ride my fav coaster..A two black girls cut in front of me and my friends when we were in line for sob!!!!

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Refer to them as African Americans, I am not a liberal person at all, but that is the POLITE term. Anyways, I have no tolerance for line jumpers, they drive me insane. Its so rude! and so self centered! Like Dane said, it makes you wonder how they were raised! jeez!

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I thought The Beast was running exceptionally smooth last night. did anyone else notice this? Also, I am probably going to be the first person to say this, but Delirium Sucks. I am so ****ed about it. It looks neat and all, but building a ride that only lets some of PKI's visitors ride it, is stupid. The reason you can't ride it if you are taller than 6'4" is because the stupid engineers that built the ride, made the area so narrow, that someone taller than that might be able to touch the legs of the ride with their legs out stretched. someone also fed me some line of BS about you feet hittiing the foot plate of the ride, but anyone with any common sense can see this is impossible, since the foot plate drops almost three feet below the ring, and that when you sit in the seats, you are tilted back some, thus lowering your rear end and raising your feet. Can someone please explain to me, why it is they could screw up a ride this bad? Not to mention, this stipulation was added after the ride being in for a while. Just look at the rules and regulations board before the ride. The whole height thing was added after the ride was installed. It looks like it was typed onto a piece of tape.

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They just did that for your safety. Both you and I know nothing would have happened to you but that doesnt really matter. As for why they would design it to not accomodate riders over 6'4'', I have no clue. It could be the limited amount of area to make the base for the ride or the math wouldnt comply with the original dimensions... The possibilites are endless. Maybe they just wanted it that way. I dont know why PKI wouldnt step in and do something about it... If they dont change it, just try to slouch as much as possible. I'm exactly 6'4'' and I slouch as I walk up to the ride. cool.gif But otherwise it sucks. Being tall has its advantages and disadvantages. huh.gif

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Well, as for Delirium, from what I understand, the 6'4" limit is b/c of the lights that they put up over the sign and the tree in front of the ride. Heck, if that was the case, get rid of them and your fine. I highly doubt that someone that tall would be able to hit the legs of the rides, they are extended too far out of the gondola that you wouldn't hit them.

I'm glad you guys are pleased about Security we do our best! I left that night at 6:30 (yeah!) so I wasn't there.

Line jumping is a really big thing in the park and we do our best to handle it. Sometimes it can get out of hand, with people not cooperating, and other times it can be pointless to try and do anything b/c no guests can not point to a person and say "they did it". I take it very seriously, I don't care if they left the line to get a drink, go to the bathroom, smoke or anything else, I will not let them back in. I also don't let people jump in line to get with their group... if they wanted to ride a ride with them that much, they would have waited in line with them.

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Actually, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Delirium's height requirement the same as TR:TR's? Oh, and as for Inraiders text, if someone can call me white, I can call them black. Your either African or American. Come to think of it, if you moved to France, would they call you an American French person? I doubt it.

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Well, whatever suits you. And I was not trying to bring race into this,

so my deepest apologies to anyone who took it that way. In any case, in another post Inraider was wondering what show TR:TR will be on. I was told last year by a park rep. that the show is Extreme Rides 2003.

Unfortunately, I'll be in Indianapolis at the Indy 500 when it premieres. If somebody tapes it, tell me. I've been waiting months to see that thing.

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Not that I want to get into a race issue, but here is something I found interesting written by John Wayne:

The Hyphen, Webster's Dictionary defines,

Is a symbol used to divide a

compound word or a single word.

So it seems to me that when a man calls himself

An "Afro-American," a "Mexican-American,"

"Italian-American," An "Irish-American," "Jewish-American,"

What he's sayin' is, "I'm a divided American."

That is only part of the poem, go to this site to read the rest of it. It's really good.

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Dont feel bad. I road 1 time after that iwas never able to again.

Yup, thats my predicament. Once on Delirium and never again. If the lights and the trees are the only things in the way, then why doesn't PKI grow some brain cells and fix that little problem?

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