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5/17 report


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Well, I show up for work in the morning and clock in as usual, and as our crew walks into FoF, mechanics are working on the ride making adjustments (don't know what they were). So as 10 gets closer and we still haven't even run our tests, me and another person are sent out to guest relate and tell them the ride isn't open yet. At about 10:30 (I'm guessing) we opened and of course, I got stuck at greeter. When it got close to 12, I got a call that I was being sent home early. Since I was meeting a friend of mine after he got off work, I had alot of free time.

First thing I do: Play some DDR. I played that thing most of the day actually. I meet this cool guy with an Indy DDR shirt on, and we played each other alot (I won).

After that, I get hungry and get some munchies consisting of LaRosas.

Then I head to Delirium, but the line was pretty long, and I move on to SoB. Let me tell you, SoB in the rain: NOT FUN. The rain is hitting you so hard that it feels like you are being shot with a b-b gun repetedly. Also, it seemed like the rain made the cars run faster, which also meant rougher. Trust me, this was the hardest time I've ever had on SoB to keep my hands up the whole time (which I always do).

Then I head to Rivertown and try to find a ride with a short line, and neither Beast or TRTR had short lines. So I move on to the Eagles, and HOLY CRAP! I CAN SNAP NOW!!! After watching a guy snapping well, I figured out how to do it, and rode with this kid. Once I started getting it to snap well, I handed the controls to the kid, who was paying attention to me and snapped himself. Oh, and we also hit a tree! yay.

After that, more DDR (oh yeah, I'm still the 4th best DDR player at PKI based on the high scores list).

Then it is getting close to the first meeting time/place for my friend (we had several set up, depending on when he got off work). I see him still in Skyline working, so I move on to AZ.

I walk by the front gate looking for Return of Yogi (he said he was working front gate that day), and see Angelica, but the person taking her picture wasn't Yogi.

I then go to AZ, and see Delirium was down, but a line was forming in front of it, and them running test rides. I decide to wait in line. Then this little kid line jumps in front of 2 people, me one of them. His friends start laughing saying, "If you're going to cut, go to the front of the line!" I then say, "That would be a bad idea, especially with a park employee watching." They all get a laugh out of it and the kid goes back to his spot in line, behind me. I then get on Deliruim, and have the same problem I had on SoB, the rain. Every time I went down the swing facing the ground, it hurt.

I then decide that Face/Off has a short line (than normal), and ride it. I forgot why I hate this ride! I must say, riding on the edge of the ride, but the g forces on that ride are just too much for me! I felt like my head was going to explode! Now I remember why it's rated a 5! One thing I did like was that they had ride stats posted around the station.

I then decide to head to TRTR again and give it a second chance. I don't see a line leading up to the tomb entrace, but then I see the doors closed and guests waiting outside the line entrance. It turns out that maintenance was checking up on the ride. I waited there hoping I'd get lucky again and they'd open up as I was waiting, but no. Maintanance must've been thinking, "Hmmm....... TRTR hasn't gone down for awhile, we need to check on it."

At this time, I go to meeting spot / time #2, SDatHC. As I'm waiting there, these two little kids come up to me and tell me that they can't find their parents. I look around for a security person to escort them to guest relations so their parents can be called, but none were in sight. Then another employee walks up behind me, and she takes them to guest relations. By this point, the girl was crying, messing up her face paint. Trust me, being lost at PKI isn't fun (I know from experience long ago, lol).

Well, my friend walks by, tells me he still is working. He must've been on break or something.

I then head back to Coney again for my last games of DDR for the night, Where I meet Breen the Machine (in games dept.), who is one of the few people that play at PKI which can beat me (he's #3). Yeah, he easily passed a song I barely failed earlier in the day (which I can normally pass).

** Part removed by Admin**

This was my first ride on the river adventure, so here is my review. The theming is pretty good, but could have been better. Half the ride has no theming at all, just the same as it was before the name/theming change. We then go under brown balls with eyes. (these supposed to be monkies?) It looked like they were going to squirt water on us, but they just stayed there. Then we go under a snake down a small drop in fog. I did like the fog in the ride, that was prolly the best theming of the entire ride. We then go up the final hill, once again with no theming, and drop down into the final drop. I did not get wet at all on this ride, until the stupid elephant nailed me at the very end. Overall, could be fun for little kids, but just doesn't cut it for me.

I then head back over to TRTR to see if FOF is still greeting, but he has been replaced, so I move on to the final meeting place/time. We go on Scooby, AND HE BEATS ME!!! He never rode it before, and he beat me by 80 points (1060 to 980). Of course, he is a self-proclaimed hick and loves guns and shooting them.

We then head over to Delirium and ride that again. This time rainless, so it was much more enjoyable.

Then ride Racer backwards, back seat, at night. So much fun. I also heard the dumbest thing while waiting, a kid nest to me said, "Wanna go ride King Cobra after this?" I had to break it to him that KC was torn down.

Then we go to the Eagles again, and it is up and running again. This time, my snaps were insane! The vehicle almost stopped for the snap, I was getting massive height, and my snaps were so loud! Of course, my friend was riding with me, and the extra weight could've helped. I swear, my friend was gonna have a heart attack! At one point, we almost went backwards for the snap!

Well, after that, we head to Beast for the last ride of the night. Total darkness, and PAIN. I see why they say Beast at night is almost a religious experience, but since the rain was still on the track, it went super fast, and super harsh.

After that, we went home happy, and tired.

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It's funny because I was wonderin' when admin was going to catch on to the part they removed. I was going to say something, but didn't. Remember, most of the posters, staff and non-staff, enjoy using abbreviations/shortcuts in any situation. It's only natural.

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Hey St. X, I'm glad you liked the Face/Off ride stats posted around the station. It was primarly an idea for the Math & Science Days but I see guest all the time looking for something to read while they are waiting in line. Thank you. On the other hand, I'm sorry that you didn't like Face/Off the ride that well. I hope that you will come back another time and give it a 2nd chance.

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Wow, you guys have no lives whatsoever. When's the last time you've had conversation with a member of the opposite sex? Get your hand out of your pants and get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK guys, time to get the beating sticks out!!!

*pulls out one of those balloon hammers*

darn... wrong pocket again....

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I like the ride, it's just the g forces that I don't like. Of course, it is a 5, so stuff like that should be expected.

no brad you're just a pansy is all.. hahaha smile.gif

we have no life? well, yeah i'll admit that i dont but thats a given. and for the record, i speak to members of the oppposite sex regularly.

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