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Any trip reports out there for Sunday 5/25?

To me, it seemed like a good day. The light rain in the evening helped clear out some of the crowd.

I thought The Beast was rough, but my husband disagreed. He thought SOB was rough, but I disagreed. Can anyone settle that for us? smile.gif

Top Gun was awesome (though short) as usual. I had never seen the gate open so that you could re-ride without walking all the way out before. I liked that! Vortex was great too.

None of the lines were too long except the new rides. Scooby Doo looked long but was very fast-moving.

I like the new food options this season. Subway was sloooooow, but with all the other food available, at least the line wasn't long.

After hubby grudgingly waited with me to see Sponge Bob 3D, we both really enjoyed it. It would be nice if they could show it on both sides of the theater to speed things up. Also, almost the entire front row of the theater was left empty. I'm not sure if it was broken or if they just couldn't get the people in fast enough. But it was a cute show!

Overall, a good day!

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I went to PKI on Sunday, May25, too. I thought the lines were very long, or the longest I have seen in a couple of seasons,....who know maybe I'm just lucky, but anyways.

Delirium I must say, is a VERY COOOOOL ride, though is sorta short it's still a lot of fun!Drop Zone, that ride at always put me on the edge of my seat but this season it seems to be even more intense then what I remember it to be.

Beast and Son of Beast are still my favorite rides at PKI, they will always be, and will never lose their touch!

I didn't ride Scooby, and I don't really think I want to, but oh well. I have heard it was a good ride though. I rode just about every coaster yesterday besides Face/Off, it just sorta slipped paced me, I totally forgot about it.

Well, PKI seems to be in very good condition right now, Good job staff!

If any one can meet me at PKI on June 5, I might be able to ride a couple of ride with you or something, who know, If possible give me a shout! And I had a great time at PKI yesterday!

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It was a boring day that day... everyone behaved! THANKS! It's a good thing when I get bored, it means everyone is doing what they are supposed to do and not causing problems. Keep it up!

By the way, DragonLord, I saw something today (Monday) that troubled me.  I was waiting to be checked through the detectors; when two teenagers walked right through a CLOSED metal detector!  I told one of the guys inside the blue tarp, (he was holding a wand) but they were already out of sight by that time....

Sunday was a busy day, but as I said before, a good day. The lines moved well, the park was clean, and the weather chased a lot of folks out later in the afternoon... and I got a couple of very cold hours to ride everything I wanted! (I took my "rain clothes") out of my car on Saturday night....go figure!

I'll take a busy day with good operations any day over a slow day with down times and closures....

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I hope I didn't miss a post about that metal detection! I will talk with the sups about that very serious issue. I'm glad that you talked with one of the people at the metal detetors about it and I am sorry that we missed them.

Just FYI: if something like that happens again, try to get a hold of Security in the yellow jackets or white shirts, they are the sups. If the Park Police or even Mason are up there, let them know. Sometimes we use other park employees from games, rides, resale, who are trained in the detetors but I don't know if they would be willing to chase after a gust for that like a Security officer would. Again, I will let the sups know about it.

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