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After a quick day at school and a even quicker ride home to change shoes i arrived at pki at 4:10.

Place was crowded because of schools being there. They did die at after 6.

I arrived and went to the flyers. I did ok in tub 4 Not alot of great pops but I did well non the less.

Went back in again. I chatted with some kids from Indy and they wanted to know how I did it. I gave them a rundown of it and they started doing decent.

I got good old number 8 and it was kicking. Constant and hard pops.

Then I took a walk around and mosied around waterworks. They were empty. I was in the wave pool for a bit but I didnt have swimming stuff on so i didnt get too wet just soaked my feet. I bsed with a cashier in a store cause he was bored out of his mind for almost a hour (without buying squat). I left via the train for rivertown.

Walked on beast got a good ride in the back seat breaks weren't so bad cause the train was empty.

Then I walked by a game where you could win a scooby firefighter and I won. Then up to the flyers again.

Flyers I had good old reliable number 8 and this time I was trimming trees hard pops every kind of maivure you could imagine. I timed it so I stalled out in front of the line.

I was hungry and got some skyline and a Coke

Then to dogems they were speeding up well today not great but well.

Then to recaR were I had a great ride with a full train and lots of air.

I then made my way over to SOB

To my suprise they were 1 train operation. I looked on the transfer track and they were installing THE NEW LAPBARS!

they look comfortable.

I wanted to fly. So I plopped my 10 bucks down and just as the were putting the stuff away i walked up laugh.gif They had to stop suit me up and get me ready to fly. I was up there quick. I enjoyed the view a bit then I pulled the cord and flew. I wish i had water ballons like on discovery I think I could of hit the water tower.

I did some funny stuff like woo im superman and mommy im a bridie. Funny stuff. I had 15 mins left I booked it over to scooby doo

On the way I won a green frog for my buddy Tim and got in right b4 it was closing. Jeff from FOF/Z was behind me we caught up a bit and road togeather. I had a 1460 and he had a 1790 I was teaching him the entire time but not bad. Then we walked out and BSED for a bit.

Stopped at Guest relations Beast/Flyers crew got props. Would of hit up skyfler but they were already gone tongue.gif

Got home and had a Coke and im beat. I SHOULD be back tomarrow.

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