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Pki July 3rd


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Kings Island SOB Coaster Quest: The Quest for Brain Damage

Rob Nungster and I went up to PKI for some fun.

We arrived and parked in the gold pass lot and were boarding Son of Beast at around 9:20

He wanted to ride row 1.1 I am a chicken so I road in the back.

Next ride right after I road in 1.2 great smooth ride

1.3 Started getting the crap kicked out of me.

2.1 (this is one of the more painful seats) crap kicked out of me Starting to hurt by that point.

2.2 Okay ride but now the train was full and it was speeding up.

2.3 Starting to hurt again my shoulder and neck were getting sore.


Water/pop break

3.2 okay middle ride. Back was hurting a bit. The forces in the loop today made it more fun

3.3 Coming into the rose bowl, I was hurting bad Then Coming into the break run I heard Crunch crack. I started cussing a storm I was in pain I just held on tight to the grab bar and just toughed it out. In our quest this was our boss. I got off and requested we take a break.

We went down to the flyers and took 3 good flights. Me and Rob can ride in back of each other and not screw each other up cause we know how to fly. I twisted the tub around decently.

It was 12:30 and we were hungry so we went down to Bubba Gump’s Shrimp C.O and ate there to try it. Rob had shrimp I had fish. It was very good. Decent amount of tartar sauce.

We BSed for a bit and then I said hey there’s some guy that looks just like your brother (glasses were filthy and sweat was in my eyes.). It was chuck! He came by for a bit (we hit the flyers for a bit again and chuck left).

I found out on the trek to SOB again that they will refill the water bottles with water for free!

We then made a snap decision and went to Action Theater. SB3D had a hellalong line but the lost temple thingy was a walk on. The movie was an I-werks made in 1995. It was okay I’ve seen worse (Dino Island 1 and 2. smash factory and meteor attack.)

We then for some reason ended up in Rivertown. We hopped in line for White Water Canyon. The line looked to be about an hour and a half so we bailed. My feet were killing me so we sat and BSed about crap in front of Wings for a bit.

We hit up Scooby and had a good ride (I had about 1200).

We then made our way to the car so I could put some sunscreen on. We came back in and were on our way to SOB but we saw that the Majestic show was 5 mins away from starting. We agreed and went in (not only to cool off but hey I never go to the shows).

I was impressed with the show. The dancing was good and the sets were cool. Tricks were okay and I had a nice cherry flavored drink to cool off. This show was of very good quality and I was impressed.

We went back to SOB it was a walk on.

4.1 That was it for me in the 2nd boss kicked my butt all over that ride I got off and had to go to 1st aid.

They were concerned and had me comeback guy checked me out and said I pulled something. Gave me some pain killers and sent me on my way.

Rob continued the quest in my absence. I sat in front of a Coke machine and dosed a bit while he finished the quest. About an hour later he was done and we went back to the flyers. I snagged a good tub it was a decent ride.

We then went over to the carousal

And road. I love that ride.

We went back to Scooby. I had a GREAT Gun! I was getting targets 2 and 3 times. And we hit the targets in the library (amazing). I had like 600 while Rob had 30. In the 1st room. I had almost 2000 with NO slowdowns. My gun was great!

We then left the park.

The end.

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