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Knotts Berry Farm - Voyage to the Iron Reef

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My big hope is that as part of the Amusement Dark initiative, Cedar Fair also rolls out new classic dark rides for each of the parks. That is to say that when Kings Island gets its interactive 21st century ride, I do not think it should replace Boo Blasters. But I think Boo Blasters does need replaced. I think it's entirely redundant to have two "blasting" dark rides, but apparently that didn't stop Wonderland. Have a cutting edge Iron Reef style dark ride, then a classic one, even if its The Great Pumpkin Adventure or something. It's not like we have a shortage of space, and we need more dark rides. It would be redundant for Kings Island to have Boo Blasters and a "better" interactive dark ride. 


At Knott's it makes more sense for Iron Reef to coexist with the park's other rides.. Two super classic dark rides, each FILLED with animatronics, lighting, music, storytelling, and craftsmanship, and each completely and totally refurbished in the last 3 years. Iron Reef is a good foil for them, and a nice way to add a 21st century dark ride that still feels like it's built for the park.

Yea I agree with you. Plus having a great interactive dark ride like VttIR at KI would just make Boo blasters look that much worse in comparison when you ride them close together. But defintiely agree with the sentiment that it should not replace boo blasters. I think it should be refurbed into a new classic omnimover dark ride. Capacity coudl be increased by putting the cars that were removed to allow more space for the interactive element of Scooby Doo and Boo Blasters as well. A Panuts themed classic dark ride would be perfect there adn could be themed around the new movie coming out or a classic story like Great Pumpkin or jsut a greatest hits type thing.

For something like this ride I think the old Action Theater building is the perfect spot for it. Since they want to theme the rides to each park with a story for it's history that section of the park has some of the most history with the connection to Coney Island and jsut the classic midway feel.

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Purely based on online video as I have not ridden either ride, Guardian was a bit of a let down but Voyage looks amazing. I love the theme. Between this and Magic Mountain's new area, Steam Punk is the in thing for parks in California this year. 

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