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Kings Island 2015 Discussion Thread


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^^Here's the same angle from August 2011, courtesy Google Maps:


It appears as though they're expanding the building outwards a few feet. I wonder what benefits the extra space will have, plus how they'll make the addition match the current structure (especially the roof, which is very steep and probably cannot just be extended).

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As long as it still looks like, for the most part, a German building, I am alright with this change. I don't think it could be too difficult to match the addition to the building to the current structure. When Kings Dominion built the Fountain & Floats restaurant in the Latin American/ Spanish building on their International Street last offseason, the new expansion matched the themed architecture of the existing building.

I tried posting the photo I found of it, but it wouldn't load.

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Did they ever get the video recording working on Banshee? I remember a lot of talk when it started being installed, but don't remember ever seeing it available.

Maybe this year, if not.

when me and my girlfriend went in September on a Haunt night, they showed us a clip of our reaction on the first drop and said we'd have to pay to see the rest. I went back in October a couple times and they told me I couldn't see a preview at all and that video wasn't available.

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Anyone gona make a pics from the past type thread like someone usually does during winter break? :-)

My dad uncovered a stack of old photo prints of me at KI in the early Paramount days, from multiple visits. I need to stop being lazy and sort, scan, and upload them. I hope to have that done within the next month or two.

I had some old memories stirred up looking at the photos on the site here (and a few news outlets searching that came up in a web search). The end of last season was my first visit to KI in 15yrs (i used to go every year as a kid) and I'd forgotten some of the things that are no longer there, but those photos gave me such a powerful "OH YEAH, I REMEMBER THAT" feeling, even if it was landscaping lol.

The images of The Bat (the real/first one), especially brought up some memories.

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I just noticed today that the webcam's are not updating like they are suppose too, for those keeping up with the new stuff being added in Planet Snoopy. Hope they get it fixed soon.

I've been checking them regularly. They seem to be working this morning.

Yup it's working again. Looks like the main work now on the Woodstock Gliders are now beginning.

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Hi friends! Since it's "Throwback Thursday" here's a throwback for ya! I believe this was 1972, not sure though. Also a friendly reminder that we are inching closer to Kings Island opening their doors once again in 2015 in just 71 days! It'll be here before you know it!



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Oh yeah!! We're down to 70 days until opening day!! But until then, here's something that happened 36 years ago today via KingsIslandPR on Twitter...

"@KingsIslandPR: On this day 36 years ago (Feb. 6, 1979), The Beast was named. #TheBeast http://t.co/Bvt2VFzhG6"


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Can somebody remind me what is happening in that building?

The park is renovating the Funnel Cake stand in order to decrease wait times in line. I believe that is why the park is renovating it, from what I remember them saying.

Oh lovely!

To be honest, I'm going to have to print up a shirt, "Just What I Wanted!" to wear to the park.

The Funnel Cake line can be frustrating to the workers, who see hordes of people in front of them no matter how fast and well they work;

Those who want a funnel cake and see a frustratingly long line;

and then there's the people that simply are trying to cross into International Street and must barge through the cake waiters.

This is a grand improvement.

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