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If you could bring back ONE ride.....


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Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal, the backwards Racer and King Cobra of rides that I actually experienced and miss. I was shocked last August when getting to the park and seeing no KCBC and backwards Racer. I had been hyping up the backwards Racer to my nephew then looked dumb. Also walked around looking for KCBC for probably 15 minutes before realizing it was gone.

Wish I had the chance to ride SOB.

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Now I have always wanted to ride SOB with the loop and without the loop. I wish I could've gone back 10 years ago to 2005 and tell my 5 and a half year old self, that ride is not going to be the same in a year, ride it! I was tall enough to ride it, but I never did because my dad said "Son this ride is way too intense for you."


BUT the one I voted for was the Rotor. My dad always told me stories about the cycle with the rotor was eat some pretzels and if you were over 18(I think that was the drinking age back then) drink beer, get on the ride, throw up and repeat. My dad said Octoberfest used to have all of those rides that made you puke and that it was not the nicest place to be in. It would've been nice to experience that.

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I don't really like riding roller coasters at all (hence why I am ok with all those listed coasters staying in the graves) and miss the shade.

Give me a good, tame flat and I am ok (as in no swinging or spinning)

Edit: looking at the list again...Zodiac. I think I probably would have liked that one. I got a Zodiac question...isn't the years on the poll wrong? Cause I am pretty sure you can clearly see Zodiac in The Bat pov that is/was on Youtube and The Bat was the early 80s. I don't remember when Zodiac was transferred to Australia though.

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