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Kennywood: Large Fight

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More than roller coasters.  Has one of my old favorite flat rides...Kangaroo.  Other interesting historical rides are Noah's Ark and Auto Race.  Although, NA doesn't have the flood room in operation anymore.  I'm in the minority but I love Ghostwood Estate too.  

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^^ It really is not just coasters.


KW has that "old park feel"  much like the Coney Island section of KI was pre-Paramount or Hershey Park's sections of  "The Hallow" & "Kissing Tower Hill".


It is too bad a few individuals, and media oversensulization, can make a great park look bad.

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Plus at least one incredibly historic dark ride.


Kennywood is not the kind of place where you need to look over your shoulder the whole time. If something similar happened at Kings Island and our friends started saying, "Well clearly Kings Island is dangerous and I'm not going to go," all of us would leap into action to assure them that this is unusual and that it's being sensationalized. Same thing here.


Be safe always! But Kennywood is NOT a park to avoid because of this.


edit: Fixed last sentence!

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^I will gladly escort you to Kennywood. It's a wonderful park that is definitely worth visiting!


Isn't it mostly roller coasters though? That's what I meant by that I am probably not missing much

I do miss you though Gator!


Others responded before me... it has its share of coasters, but it also has a unique collection of classic flat rides, some of which are very hard or impossible to find anywhere else.  They've kept their history and have made it a priority, unlike some parks that remove the old to replace it with the new.  And I miss you too!


darkrider68, I'm with you on Ghostwood Estate.  Ghostwood Estate is the ride that Boo Blasters wishes it could be.

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Speaking of bad neighborhoods around parks, recently a group has started to clean up the area around Idora Park here. There's a greenhouse and some freshly planted trees down Billingsgate Avenue where the Idora Park sign used to be.

Ah, what could have been. An amusement park 5 minutes from my house? Sigh...

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