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Next Generation Tomb Raider

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I'm fine with spinny rides, but that whole contraption to make everything spin looks awfully heavy.  Not only does it have to handle the weight, but its shifting in a ton of different ways.  I like the idea, but it looks like a future maintenance nightmare.  

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I think I'd prefer the original Top Spin, but this looks like SO much fun too!


It'll be interesting to see if anyone in the U.S. installs one of these, and how it works out for them, as far as maintenance, etc.


I really like the color scheme!


(Edited for capitalization)

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And...yeah, you would never see me get on something like that.  Heck, even a Ferris wheel will give me motion sickness if it goes fast enough.  I love coasters, but can't spin!

Took one look, and thought, "Mama, man the hose!"

I'll bet the floor of that ride has more colors than the ride itself.

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This is apparently a test run at the company's headquarters in Switzerland. I've never even heard of abc rides before, but that certainly is an interesting concept.


(Also, note: "abc rides" is how the company capitalizes their name...)

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