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Haunt 2015


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In honor of Haunt starting in less than a day, I've decided to arrange a little poll and activity for you guys to discuss and vote on! Enjoy and Happy Haunting!


(I checked through the thread and did not spot another thread like this. If there is I apologize and if you may please paste the link to the topic below thanks.)

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Nice idea for a poll. My votes were:


Best Maze: Kill Mart

  • I just love the detail of this maze and remember having a few good scares in there, Slaughterhouse is a close second.

Letdown: Tombstone Terror-Tory

  • I actually think I'm wrong on this one... sadly that's only because I don't think anyone expects it to be good, so it's not really a letdown... just its usual bad self. I guess it would make more sense for me to vote Blackout, with it being a whole new experience I have high hopes, so I guess it just lends itself naturally to being the biggest potential letdown. We shall see.


Most Ridden Ride: The Beast

  • Without getting too technical with ride capacities and such, I'm going off of lines I've seen at past Haunts (long lines on a high capacity ride), and The Beast generally has very long lines during Haunt.. Night rides on The Beast are amazing in general, but I think they may be even better during Haunt.


Can't wait to get back to the park in October, I've only been twice this season!

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Kill Mart was awesome last year, and was my favorite maze of all last year.


I didn't really care for Wolf Pack, just wasn't that interested in it.


The Beast is always the most packed ride during Haunt, there is always a line for it. Which is a good idea to buy a Fast Lane pass this year.

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