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Kings Island 2016 Discussion Thread


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I'm not sure any other park fan site would instantly team up like this to find a song stuck in a member's head. :)


If you still know the tune... perhaps you could hum it to someone who would be willing to hum it (or play it on a musical instrument) into a YouTube video? (Don't look at me.)

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electricsun is still on the right track. It's that same style. But not that song.


I tried humming it everywhere possible. I've asked 40 people at once while working. I've gone through the Billboard Top 100 charts for both 2016 and 2015 and haven't found it.


And it's also not a song from ERT. It plays during normal park operating hours.

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I wonder if the Shazam app would be able to pick it up if you sang/hummed what you know to it.


Failing that, also give SoundHound a try. I've had a lot of success identifying songs via SoundHound, although I've only tried the singing/humming search once.

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Ok, clues so far-


-female artist

-octave jump

- a word with a long u

- slow start, moderate tempo

- electronic


Question- when you say the singer in the chorus 'moves up in pitch', does the whole song do that? (trying to determine if the song has a key change)

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Here's a thought, if you can hum part of it, download an app that hears and displays the pitch you are humming at, then write down and post the notes in order. The one I have on my phone is PanoTuner. Should be free. Maybe we can find it that way...

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