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Land Clearing near SOB Bolt Shed


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Please, please NO!  One Tony is (more than) enough.  I will never get used to, or be fond of, the Cloak and Dagger BS that this industry pulls.  It was explained to me WHY they do it once, but to that explanation I say this (I know who explained it to me very well back in 2011 will see this)... Wouldnt it just be easier to wait until you have the plans approved, contractors awarded, etc to announce something instead of a year (or sometimes more) of extraneous junk that really isnt needed, like announcements of announcements of announcements?  Not even the auto industry... who has a LOT more at stake... doesnt go to the  extent this industry does.  Regardless of how they pull things like this, in the end, there are still going to be those youngins who end up saying "Well that sucks, X park lied to us with what they were saying, they basically SAID they were going to give us a giga!!"  In the minds of some thoosies, the word "basically" means "absolutely".  So, instead of having the problem, just come out and say "Hey, this is just piles of dirt from such and such an area" or say "Yep, something is going to be built here, we are just not ready to say WHAT, yet".


Sorry, thats just how I think because of the industries Ive been around and worked in my entire Life, carry on.

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The unfortunate truth sometimes in Marketing is that, things EXACTLY like that happen.  In some people's eyes and Harts, any PR is good PR, whatever gets people talking or looking at a website is good.  Thats why there are so many clickbait articles on social media websites.  That, again, is why I stick so strongly by the statements I made in my previous post.



Edit:  Im not saying that is what is happening here, what I am saying is dont ever totally discount those types of theories.  PR and Marketing Departments dont always have the best interests of the general public in mind.  Dont let the smiling faces fool you, they are smiling for a reason.

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Then someone would just start another thread when their aunt's uncle's cousin's wife's brother's cousin-twice-removed's dog says it saw SoB testing.

SoB testing? Yeah. Right. I'll believe it when I see it.

Now what I do believe: ScreamScape has reported that the land clearing is from a local sasquatch family setting up chairs in anticipation of witnessing work on SoB.

Ah, the memories of dirt......
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