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Upset + More Upset = Unfavorable Outcomes (usually)

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This is something I have witnessed first hand in my life several times. Ranging from recemt event (to be explained) to events when I didn't even know an issue was accruing...

So as a family vacation to Disney World we had issues with watching the parade and it lead to unnecessary actions taken. A guests blocked my nephews views and because of that it made another family member mad and then the other guests getting mad and a trickle of bad events, Escalating to security coming and not believing are side of the story...

Moral of the story that one bad event caused for a bad day at Disney. People remember the bad things that happen to them more so than the good. It can take a lot of good to make a bad day good but it can be one bad thing that can make a good day bad.

Its not always guests than can cause others to have a bad day is can be a cast member, could be management or can even be the person's own doing. This my territory to say this? Maybe not, but think about what you are about to say before saying it or acting upon it. Most matters can almost always be handled better. Either by a guests or an employee of a company. The way my family addressed the matter at first was maybe a bit to strong but the way the cast members/ other guests handled it wasn't very well either.

Sure not everyone will always ne happy or have your views or something but try discussing the matter before judging one another or getting mad. We will all be mad at someone at some point but how it can be addressed can make the outcome completely different for the end circumstance. Talk your problem out with each other. If things don't go well then take the correct actions, but don't involve screaming at wach other or violence. Also avoid swearing... It may be easy to say a swear but those words have power and thats quite negative and they can ignite a powder keg...

Treat others the way you would want to be treated. An easy principal to say, but rarely feels used. I have had my past of even on here disagreeing and getting mad at a poster and it didn't end well... Try looking at the world with a positive attitude and look past a persons anger.

Hope everyone has a wonderful life ahead of them filled with more happiness than anger or sadness. :)

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Or...two swift kicks to the back of old dudes knees would have allowed that kid to see the parade.  Just do it before security can see.  Play dumb after that.  Tell them he just fell all of a sudden.  Who knows what happened?  You were watching the parade man.


Somehow I think your opinion is the better option however...

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But see, the way I see it, is assume always someone is watching you. Don't do it because the assumption of no one is looking.

Also who knows maybe they were already having a bad day and they wanted there little girl to be able to enjoy the parade and they didn't know they did anything wrong and now they have a full blown issue of someone upset at them and basically screaming at them. I have people do some amazing things to help out one another. But ive also seen them do some terror...

Here is an example, you have a friend that is suffering from severe depression and you know they are inflicting self harm... Some people may just wanna get mad at them and say "why would you do that?!" or "Oh you juat want the attention!" instead try talking to them and seeing whats wrong. Yelling and getting mad at them isn't gonna make it any better for you and it is definitely gonna make things worse for them. If you talking and being nice to them doesn't work, try telling some of there family there going though a rough time and they need some help or something along those lines. Try and make a persons day, not make matters worse. Kill them with kindness (for a lack of better wording).

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Such a good topic! Always a good thing to meditate on.
I've always enjoyed this one quote by Maya Angelou, which I have posted in the "random quote" thread but will repost here: "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."


I've yet to find a situation in life where that doesn't apply.

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Wise quote. To follow up...i took my now girlfriend to a Phish concert when we first were dating. I'm still a fan...but she hates them. Didn't always at first though...

She had her foot peed on while in Burgettestown during the second set. You think I ever heard a good thing about one of my favorite bands since that day?

Gotta listen to them in the car for the most part anymore...otherwise I get the foot pee story every darn time their on. Man.

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My favorite quote about this topic is

Be a willow. Many people think Oaks are strong but when times get tough and storm comes through the oak cracks. The willow bends with the storm and continues to grow.

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