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Christmas In July 2016

Creed Bratton

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I can confirm that Soak City had the regular playlist; dunno about the rest of the park! It was great hearing that instrumental music towards the end of my shift. I now know why the old-timers (those on the site that are older than me, who remember a time when this happened) want International Street to have instrumental music again. It just brings a warm nostalgic feeling to the park!  :wub: Please KI?  


EDIT: Snoopy had its regular playlist as well.

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I think Kings Island did a great job with there first day of this. It was mainly limited to International

Street, but seeing it all decorated, seeing snow falling, and hearing Christmas music was different but really cool. The fireworks also seemed to be Christmas themed with Christmas colors for the fireworks and a different soundtrack. (Along with a Santa "Thanks for visiting Kings Island" announcement)

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Oh man. Poor Snoopy. You know that dudes hot on a 90+ degree day.

Frequently, the smaller characters, like Snoopy, are dudettes. In this case almost certainly a VERY hot dudette.

Terp -- WAIT, did he really say THAT?

Though, there could easily be just as many guys as girls that fit the height limit.

Before we assume every character is a girl.

I wasn't assuming you were specifically either

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