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Haunt type events at other Cedar Fair Properties

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I tried to search and could only find about KI and Cedar Point.  For a family with small children, I know KI is out because there are usually scare actors outside of intended scare zones/mazes.  From what I have gathered here, Cedar Point has their scare actors mainly in the scare zones/mazes and if you see them outside the areas, they are probably heading to break and will not scare.  What about Carowinds, Kings Dominion, and Dorney - are the scare actors in non scare-type places more like KI or CP?

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Dorney has scare actors all over the place not just in the scare zones and there are some spots where you can't avoid them at all because of the layout of the park (Hydra is in the middle of a scare zone) and with Planet Snoopy closed during Haunt and not being able to cut through that section to avoid some of the scare zones. There has also been more fog that ever this year all over the park besides in the trails and scare zones. Combined with not as many lights on, it was difficult to see in some areas of the park. Dorney really tries to discourage kids from attending Haunt. In addition to Planet Snoopy closing and the kids activities that are in Wildwater Kingdom closing before Haunt, they also shut down the Cedar Creek Cannonball train and Road Rally car ride at either 5 or 6 and don't open either on Friday nights.


I saw more people than usual wearing the No Boo necklaces last week compared to visits in past years possibly because of the not being able to avoid the scare zones.

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