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Knott's Berry Farm- Boomerang closing!

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I think it's because they have some major reliability issues. Invertigo doesn't seem to have the issues the other models have. Two Face at Six Flags America had that incident where hydraulic fluid got on riders. Stinger has been nothing but trouble since it was installed. When it was at Great America, riders were stuck for close to 5 hours on the lift and since being at Dorney, riders have been stuck on the lift for over an hour at least half a dozen times, it has gotten stuck with riders in between the loop and 2nd lift and there was a similar incident with what happened to Two Face on opening day 2014 that caused the ride to be closed the entire season. Even in 2015 and 2016, the ride still has way more downtime than any other coaster in the park.

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5 hours ago, SonofBaconator said:

^^So what makes our Invertigo any different? Ours seems pretty reliable compared to the others you've mentioned

WindSeeker is a similar story: all of the other WindSeekers have experienced major failures that left riders stranded at the top for hours. Kings Island's WindSeeker has avoided that somehow. Maybe Greg and Don rub each other's heads every morning for luck? I dunno. :P

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I'm not sure why Invertigo doesn't have the same issues as the others. When Stinger was added to Dorney, it went through a refurbishment to supposedly prevent the same issues that it had at Great America from happening again but that didn't seem to help so it might be more than better maintenance for Invertigo which was my first though.

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Invertigo adds a lot to the auditory excitement when approaching the park, too. I've sat out in the parking lot talking on the phone to my husband, and he could hear it over the phone even. It's a very distinctive clank followed by thrilled screams and whooshing of the coaster along the track, that I very much associate with approaching the park and thinking of all the things I will ride. 

Even though I rarely ride Invertigo, I would be sad to lose it simply because I would miss its sound. 

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For anyone not familiar with Knott's Berry Farm, this ride is located next to the former location of a Huss Top Spin called Riptide which was removed last year.  On the other side of the boomerang is an observation tower called Sky Cabin which I would not be surprised to see removed after the problems back in December.

I would expect a new ride announcement later this year for 2018.  Would not be surprised to see a B&M Dive coaster because they are pretty compact.

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For the spot Boomerang is in, I would like to see a very compact coaster there... I want to see a coaster like the Smiler and snag the inversion record, either that or they can do it with a Mack Big Dipper (Lost Gravity at Walibi Holland)

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20 minutes ago, chugh43 said:

What rumor? This site is the only place I've seen it remotely mentioned.

Its been floating around off and on for a couple of years. Almost similar to the rumor of KI getting a giga has been floating around for a while. 


^This is where the main rumors were started before it was announced that a wild mouse would inhabit the pace of the now defunct Perilous Plunge.

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I was at Knott's last January.  I had visited before, but it had been about 10 years.  However, when I returned, I got the same exact feeling I had the first time around.

I'ts hard for me to put into words the vibe I get when at Knotts.  The best way I can describe it is, it gives me the exact same feeling as when I am at Kentucky Kingdom.  It comes across as a small, half-day, local park - not a destination.  The park is VERY landlocked, and has a weird dead "center" with the train tracks running smack dab through the middle of the park - splitting it - like the Fairgrounds perimeter road at KK.  

That having been said - they've got a few gems in there.  Silver Bullet is fun and it's placement at the entrance is terrific.  Xcelerator is huge fun too - but is a one trick pony.  I love that they've kept Montezooma's Revenge, the original Camp Snoopy and the Calico Mine Ride.  Ghostrider was down for re-furb when I was there - but I understand it's back to running like it originally did when it opened (I did ride it 10 years ago.)

The removal of boomerang does not at all surprise me.  I skipped it when there last year - as did 99% of the other guests there that day - it was a walk on.  I rode the skycabin - but frankly it's a shell of it's former self with the parachute ride long gone.  I also took note of the closed Riptide when I was there - and the park removed it a month afterwards.  All of these lie on the back-side of the mine ride and near that dead park center I mentioned earlier.  Add in the fact that a tall lift would be right in line with the tallest attractions currently at the park - and that opens up some huge possibilities.

 If you look at the first picture below (pay no attention to the man behind the beard) you'll see the "void" that could be filled by building a major coaster running behind/around/over Calico Mine Ride.  The second picture shows how the removal of Riptide, Boomerang and (possibly) Skycabin opens up a very large playing field. (In the picture - Skycabin is hidden behind the lift of Boomerang.)

The park is crying out for a LARGE signature attraction.  My gut tells me they're getting it - but sacrifices are necessary to do so.



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