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KI launches new website


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3 hours ago, MaestroFanatic said:

Does anyone know where the map PDF is on the new site? The old link takes you to the google maps page, and I don't think the PDF is anywhere on that page.

I don't see such an option if there is one.


34 minutes ago, Italian Job 2005 said:

I was in the dining section of the site.  There's an option to pull up a "map view" or "list" view of the restaurants, but on the map view it doesn't seem to be interactive.



Looks like map view is still a work in progress. If you choose map view for rides it doesn't give you anything other than the map either.

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^ I like the design; it's a lot better than the old site. Text is easy to read and menus work well on a wide variety of devices.

How pretty it is is a matter of personal preference, I suppose. Give it some time; it's natural to be resistant to change. Do note that an amusement park site is intended to scream "fun" moreso than "this is beautiful".

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