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What's on your list?


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For coasters, I recommend The Bat, Banshee, Diamondback, Invertigo, Firehawk, and Vortex (no surprise!).

For non-coasters, I recommend Drop Tower, Delirium, WindSeeker, and Scrambler (because why not? It's a great ride!).

I know you said six, but there are so many must-do rides in my opinion... :D

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Wow- I saw the first post, thought up my 6 favorite thrill rides at Kings Island before clicking, clicked the list...and I'd seriously have put those same 6 rides, just in a slightly different order (this is my personal order for those six):

1. The Beast

2. Diamondback

3. Banshee

4. Mystic Timbers

5. Flight of Fear

6. Vortex

Though I found nearly every thrill ride I've ever been on at Kings Island very enjoyable, save maybe Invertigo which I think is just OK (it has great forces but it head bangs me a lot), so I'd probably recommend nearly all of them.:P

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Don, I saw your list and (for the most part) agree with it, but here are my picks for the Top 6 most thrilling rides at KI (in no particular order):

Banshee: From the first drop to the last inversion, this ride hauls through the course. Most thrilling if sitting in the back.

Beast: That helix finale; just sayin'

Xtreme Skyflier: The one ride that for a while (and maybe it still does) scared me while on ride. Once you pull the ripcord, it's ok, but that loooong flight up is crazy.

Scrambler: When riding, I forget how thrilling it is and wonder why it's only rated a 3 (as in, I feel it should be rated higher!)

Drop Tower: That drop is always so sudden, but so much fun! If you're really daring, try putting your hands up and legs out during the drop to get some extra floater.

Mystic Timbers: KI's newest coaster definitely brings the directional changes and speed of Maverick, but at a slower speed and on a wooden coaster. That first drop is crazy, 'cause I start to put my hands up and then halfway through, I'm holding on for dear life!

Honorable mention: Adventure Express. Most thrilling in the back and/or at night!

*this list was based on how thrilling the ride is (to me), not necessarily on favoritism ('cause I'd have a lot more awesomeness to say about MT and also The Bat would most certainly be on here :P)

EDIT: I swapped Firehawk for Skyflier because while Firehawk's thrilling, it's most unique/cool to be then "scary", if you will...

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Fairly standard list, but I strongly leave off Vortex because I am of the belief that a ride should not require selection of special seats or "how to ride" tips to not get beat up.   That thing completely ruined one of our trips last year and we had to go home.

1.  Banshee

2. Mr. T

3. Diamondback

4. Beast

5. Skyflier ($5 only)

6. Delerium.

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1. Beast- The Beast, The Best. A true classic.
2.Banshee- The best inverted coaster I've been on. Theming adds positively to the experience.
3. Diamondback- The smoothest ride in the park. End of ride splash down is also neat/unique.
4. Flight of Fear- The launch will never get old- I always get an adrenaline rush as the operators give the "all-clear" and I know we are about to high-tail it into darkness.
5- Sling Shot- Though it comes at an extra cost (which can vary as they offer specials sometimes) this is a truly unique experience. Plus- the on ride video you can purchase is usually good for a few laughs.
6- Shake, Rattle, and Roll- classic flat ride. Something about it, I just get a kick out of- it's relaxed but fun and it's new paint job from last season is fantastic.

The Honorable Mentions:
1. Firehawk- A unique flying coaster. Firehawk is fantastic...presuming it's functioning. Lately I have noticed a lot of downtime which has led to less than desirable wait times.
2. Mystic Timbers- I have yet to make it to the park this season and thus I cannot quite say with confidence that this is a "must do" (though I'm sure it most certainly is and will update my list accordingly)
3.The Bat- I love this ride to death and back but I realize many of the GP will find that the length of the ride alone is not worth the long walk through the queue.
4. The Vortex- This was once a great ride- and in the right conditions and seat it still is. However- many a KI trip has been ruined by the rough and tumble brutality The Vortex offers up. It is especially not recommended for those who are prone to headaches.

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The order of these can't be considered ranking of either my favorites or thrill levels, because my comparative feelings change all the time (my favorite is always the one I'm riding, especially when I didn't have a long wait :))

1. Banshee. The smooth intensity of this ride still can take me by surprise. 

2. Drop Tower. Even among coaster enthusiasts, who are used to heights, this comes up often as the ride they are still afraid of. Nice adrenaline buildup during those moments between the "clank" and drop.  

3. Vortex. Gives a completely different experience than modern steel. The difference in the support structure makes it seem less stable (although in actuality it is perfectly safe) and that first drop is among my favorite moments on any rides at KI

4. Mystic Timbers. Just doesn't let up, from the exciting first drop through those last couple tosses back and forth on the turn up to the shed. I like to ride with one hand holding the back of the seat in front of me, because the separate articulation just adds to the out-of-control feeling!

5. The Bat. I probably don't ride this as often as I should because I often forget how much I love it until I'm actually riding. Surprisingly intense, I find myself catching my breath as I swing back and forth on the brake run. 

6. The Beast. There's just nothing like it. Dropping down past the ground level on the first drop, to the helix, with its crazy sounds and forces. 


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1) The Beast, I just love it too much. You don't ride it, you experience it.

2) Diamondback, That lift hill always makes me tense but after the first drop it's just amazing.

3) The Bat, I love the push down you feel as it swoops along the track.

4) Mystic Timbers, I don't think I've ever rode a coaster that seems to stay at a consistant speed throughout.

5) Flight of Fear, I love how midway through it slows down just enough for you to look around and see the twisting steel surrounding you.

6) White Water Canyon, Just be sure to take your socks off and have a towel waiting when you get off.

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