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Dollywood Trip 10/21/17


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Happy late Halloween everyone, I took a trip to Dollywood in Tennessee last Saturday and had a fantastic first visit, the rides were fantastic as well as the people. Instead of rambling I will post some photos me and my brother took and then tell y'all my favorite highlights of the day. Thanks for reading. 

Lightning Rod, new for 2017




FireChaser Express








Mystery Mine



Night Pumpkin Festival









So, thats pretty much my day in photographs, we had great Tennessee fall weather, it was a truly different experience than Kings Island, yet familiar. Its a great park and all the coasters were unique and fun. Some like Tennessee Tornado felt like Vortex as they are both old Arrow loopers, but rides like Mystery Mine felt totally unique. Lightning Rod and Wild Eagle were great, as was the rough woodie ThunderHead. The Pumpkin Light Show offered a much more family friendly, but fun and spooky Halloween theme as opposed to the more violent and aggressive Haunt at Kings Island. I liked it though, it was done very well. Overall had a great day at the park and a great time in Pigeon Forge in general. Thanks for reading! MaestroJr

Final Ride Count:

Blazing Fury-2

Firechaser Express-1

Tennessee Tornado-1

Mystery Mine-1


Wild Eagle-1

Lightning Rod-1


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2 hours ago, chugh43 said:

@MaestroJr you just made me jealous! I love and miss Dollywood so much! 

Other than good, what were your thoughts on Lightning Rod? Where did you eat? Tennessee Tornado is probably my ultimate favorite Arrow coaster. 

Lightning Rod first off had a very creative queue which only added to its experience, it was probably my favorite of the coasters at Dollywood and I rank it higher on my list than Mystic Timbers. From the 0 to 45 mph lift hill, to the airtime hills and everything along the way, it truly feels out of control. I think the park did an amazing job with RMC in designing it and it is a very unique ride. We ate at the Grist Mill and Aunt Granny's. The Cinnamon bread and buffet were delicious! Yes I did really enjoy Tennessee Tornado as well but I think I will still stick with Vortex for my favorite only because I just wish Tennessee Tornado was longer. MaestroJr 

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