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How young is too young


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After reading this Click for artical

She also was allowed on an other, far bigger and faster coaster. Unfortunately, the Beas tie's 38-foot height and 35 mph speed were a little too much for her. She didn't cry (brave kid), but she didn't want to get back on, either

Why would you put a 22 month old on there. She may have been tall enough but beastie I Thinks a bit too intense for a kid that small what do you think?

A kid that young had to be terrified of beastie. It goes pretty fast and its not a kiddie coaster as its a junior coaster.

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Physically- Anyone who meets the requirements is ok to ride. Now as far as if you think they are "ready" for the ride is up to the parents. I think it changes with every kid, some can take it and some can not... I would start putting a young child on when they are at least 3-4 and they want to ride. Not 22 months or whatever, but that's me.

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I think it just depends on how "tough" the kids are mentally. Sure they can ride if they are tall enough, but If their only 22 months old, they could be permanently traumatized. Just wait until they are 3-4 until they go on coasters like The Beastie. They could get "messed up in the brain" and never ride another coaster in their life.

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