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Favorite coaster in Ohio


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TBH, those same 2 you listed. Steel Vengeance is just incredible with how much strong airtime it has, and it is a long ride that makes great use of its immense wooden structure to boot. It is probably pretty close to what I would create if you asked me to build a super-ultimate roller coaster, and thus is my favorite coaster in the state. Maverick gives it a run for its money though with its intense launch, twists and turns, and while it does not have as many airtime moments it does make good use of the ones it has. Millennium Force would round out my podium for its sheer size and speed, with a side of decent floater airtime.

The Beast is my favorite wooden coaster in the state (it would be #4 on my list)- sure, it doesn't have any real airtime to speak of save for like 1 hill, and it is mostly straight sections but due to its secluded nature it really doesn't need any of that fancy stuff. It's a big out-of-control feeling wooden coaster in the forest, with a epic helix finale that remains my favorite ending to any roller coaster (though Magnum XL-200's final bunny hills and Steel Vengeance's final hops give it a run for its money). It also gets a huge boost for night rides due to the seclusion.

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This is prior to me riding Steel Vengeance, so that may very well be in this category for me in a few weeks.  For the time being though, my favorite wooden coaster and overall in the state of Ohio is Beast and my favorite steel coaster is Magnum XL-200.  Mystic Timbers is the only other woodie that would be up there with Beast, and for steel, Millennium Force, Banshee, Diamondback, Maverick and Rougarou would be in the running as well.  

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On ‎8‎/‎9‎/‎2018 at 1:34 PM, sixohdieselrage said:

@Maverick44 I assume if your name was SteelVengeance44, then you would like it better? :P


Since I was at CP yesterday, I rode both. Since riding both again, I like SteVe better than Maverick. It just feels more intense for me. Although I do love the mid-course tunnel and acceleration. 

Its def a hard decision to make. Maverick (Intamin) will always have my heart haha. SV was my first RMC and I love it!!!

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