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Sneaking into a Forgotten Disney World Ride (Epcot - Horizons)

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Sneaking into a Forgotten Disney World Ride (Epcot - Horizons)

highly recommend watching this video. It is 25 minutes long, but very much worth the time. The mini-documentary takes footage from two massive fans of Epcot's former Horizons attraction and their adventures sneaking off the ride to take a closer look at the sets full of animatronic and props. I watch a lot of YouTube videos and I must say, I have never been so entranced by one like this before. Not only is it exciting, but it is also emotional and invokes an extreme sense of nostalgia - even for me, who was not even born during the operation of Horizons.

Disclaimer: I am, and the video is not, glorifying taking potentially dangerous action in walking around an operating theme park attraction; please take the story for what it is, and enjoy the ride. 

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Very cool, Horizons is probably my most missed ride from all of WDW and it is interesting to see some close up video of the ride.

I miss the old Epcot in general, all those high capacity rides that were 10 - 15 minutes and had so much to see. I wish they would have kept Horizons and World of Motion and built Mission Space and Test Track elsewhere like maybe Mission Space in Wonders of Life's spot.

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18 hours ago, JAHill said:

I watch a LOT of Disney parks stuff, and this is by far the wildest thing I've ever seen.

Agreed! I divvy my YouTube time up between vloggers and theme park videos. Some great YouTubers in the theme park world include RobPlays, Defunctland, and Bright Sun Films. But this one is definitely very unique. 

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