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New Restaurant - Miami River Brewhouse (Replaces Reds)

Fye Coasters

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1 hour ago, YOULLBEBACK said:

When you think "Cincinnati", the Reds and Kings Island are 2 of the top things that come to mind.  It was a great match and added local flair.

Anytime you give KI a more corporate feel and less local feel, it is very much a loss in my book. 

I think Reds felt more corporate than the Brewhouse, on the surface area least. Obviously, none of us have been in the Brewhouse yet lol.

Reds always felt like a cheap sponsorship to me, I like that the Brewhouse, at least in name, is themed to the Miami River.

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9 hours ago, Pagoda Gift Shop said:

Seems likely.  The restaurant arrangement probably included the items being "loaned" to Kings Island.  

You are correct. All of the stuff was lended by the Reds and private collectors. It will likely be returned to them.

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