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KIC Ranking


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@flightoffear1996 is correct.

Remember, quality is way better than quantity when posting on the forums!

Name:          # of Posts:

KIC Tourist            0

KIC Local            100

KIC Junky            200

KIC Enthusiast     400

KIC Expert           600

KIC Senior           800

KIC Star Member   1000

KIC Platinum Member   1500

KIC Double Platinum Member   2000

KIC Triple Platinum Member      2500

KIC Superstar          3000

KIC Legend              5000

KIC Immortal         10000

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I mean since Indy doesn't know how they got made, should we be nice and keep it simple, or just make it as complicated as possible?


I do like the idea of working up through a knowledge level maybe, then passes, then ride types? Tourist > Enthusiast > Local > Senior > Expert > Gold > Platinum > Beastie > Beast > Hyper > Giga> Strata?

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swap hyper and giga
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