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Orion Construction Photos


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39 minutes ago, collin.klopfstein said:

Forgot to tell you guys that I got yelled at for watching the construction cam in the middle of English class, whoops

Yeah! I can see that! Back in 2016, I got yelled at by my 8th grade Social Studies teacher for looking for updates on Lightning Rod when I was supposed to be working on a project with a group. Oops! I was just interested in Lightning Rod. 

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50 minutes ago, jensenracing77 said:

Funny, it looks like the first support is as tall as The Racer.... Boy how times change!

I remember in 1999, seeing an artists drawing of Millennium Force, and how it made Mantis look like a kiddie coaster in comparison. I was in awe! And my brother looked at me and said "welcome to the future of roller coaster design!"  20 years later, he wasn't wrong. 



Source: https://www.ultimaterollercoaster.com

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