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Season Pass name change to Bruce Wayne


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Today  while going into the park my daughter noticed that the name on her pass had changed to Bruce Wayne. Her pass on my phone had not changed. And after she entered the park it remained that way for a while. We asked the ticket scanner kid if he knew anything about any upcoming promotions and showed him, but he just laughed and said the app must have some kind of glitch. Anyone have any ideas how this happened ? Here is the pic:



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Have you considered the possibility your daughter may indeed be Batman? :)

It’s interesting to me that the “Batarang, Explosive Gel,  Batmobile” are listed in the same area where mine says 2019 Gold Season Pass + Dining. Makes me wonder if in whatever code got accidentally triggered, those are replacement names for the different add-ons in the same way the passholder name has been replaced.

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Maybe some code for Six Flags got mixed in with Cedar Fair's code (or it was a joke by someone)? Either way, pretty cool. Wonder if that'll work at a Six Flags park on one of those days where people get in free because they have Bruce or Wayne as their name...

Also, I wonder if this has happened to anyone else or just her?

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