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RMC Mystic Timbers


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Why continue the never ending comparison of Flats/Coasters, Wooden/Steel, Kids/Family/Thrillseeker, Intamin/B&M, Hyper/Giga, GCI/RMC, Kings Island/Cedar Point, ad nausea...pushing everything to 11??

Variety is the spice of life people :D!!!  

Personally I've found they my park visits (and rides that I go on) may be drastically different depending upon mood (and company).  Some days are full on thrill, others more relaxed, sometimes just walking and people watching B).  I've also come to realize that some people find The Bat and BLSC to be all they can handle, fearing even Mystic Timbers!  

I'm glad KI put in Mystic Timbers, it filled in a whole in the lineup. 

Now if you want to talk about what is the next coaster after 2020, there's a good thread going for that: https://KICentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/34923-what-comes-after-the-2020-giga/

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Tone is remarkably hard to convey via text. 

You may have thought it was too ridiculous of a suggestion for anyone to think you were serious, but believe me, whew. Sometimes we get people who are deadly serious about their pet ideas which most people would think are silly. 

Unofficial “commandment” of these boards is you don’t threaten Adventure Express, too :)

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I do wonder how many people that say they would like an RMC Beast or Timbers or this or that other coaster have actually been on an RMC coaster!

Without saying too much, I do suspect future RMC projects that take place on existing coasters will not introduce all the elements like we have seen them add to existing coasters...so a Beast RMC'd would essentially be the same layout and configuration on a different style track...

Now a ground up RMC on the other hand would bring in the elements people expect/want to see on an RMC... 

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