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Favorite Cedar Fair coaster by manufacturer


Favorite CF Coaster by manufacturers   

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Great poll idea! I didn't get it when I read the title, but once I saw the poll, I understood the question. Here are my answers:

1. The Bat (at KI). In the words of Billie Eilish, "Duh". I love this coaster so much, though I'm ok with Orion overtaking it for my favorite coaster in the park. Also, Gemini and Magnum are good too (The latter of which I got two great rides on over Labor Day Weekend).

2. Other because I'm torn between Banshee and Rougarou. Both are really cool coasters. Valravn is good too.

3. Millennium Force. Though I love Wicked Twister and Maverick is fun, Millennium Force is a great coaster (and it will be celebrating it's 20th year of operation; yeet!) B)

4. Other- not really sure as there are some good wooden coasters in the CF chain like Thunderhawk (Dorney), The Beast and Mystic Timbers. Honorable mentions to Shivering Timbers and Hurler at Carowinds as I remember enjoying both, but I rode them some time ago (2005 and 2001 (or maybe I rode it again in '03) respectively).

5. I voted for the boomerangs, specifically Invertigo. Firehawk was great and innovative, but at least I can still ride Invertigo (I'm not talking literally; in it's last days, I had to stop riding Firehawk due to the vertical loop's forces on my lungs). 


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I have only been to Kings Island & Cedar Point among the Cedar Fair chain, so my options were a bit limited...

Arrow: Magnum XL-200

B&M: Diamonbdack

Note for B&M: Fury 325, Leviathan, and Orion all seem like I would enjoy them even more than Diamondback but I have not ridden any of those yet. Diamondback just edges out Raptor & Banshee of the B&Ms I have ridden as my current favorite from the company.

Intamin: Maverick

Wooden: The Beast (why isn't this a option? It is one of Cedar Fair's most famous and popular wooden coasters!)

Vekoma: Firehawk (better than its only challenger, Invertigo)

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