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On 3/16/2020 at 6:09 PM, collin.klopfstein said:

Found this video of Diamondbacks Roar before the drop was filled with sand :) 

[video removed from reply]

Now THAT'S how B&M's should sound. I do wish it were possible to have that timbre, but to still reduce the volume though~

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2 hours ago, SonofBaconator said:

I'm trying to figure out if the red car on the left is Red Race's or The Beast's.

I'd like to think it's The Beast because that's too much of an important coaster to leave out

I think its both. They added it there cause it's The Beast car but they put the blue car next to it to remind us that The Racer has a red and blue side. 

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Whenever I'm stressed, worn out, and/or its winter and  and am ever-so-anxious for Summer to arrive and all the great things that come with it, I turn to one of my favorite songs of all time...

The world seems to have stopped on its axis, and we're not even sure at this point if or when our lives will regain some sense of normalcy in the following months, but for about 3 minutes, one can escape that all in this ol' gem: 



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I would like to thank IndyGuy for starting this thread, first time I've signed into KICentral in a long time(this topic I needed and reason why I did)! I had some rough years and good,and miss reading Terp,Goble,others,but nice to read and see pics from those who've stuck around or could be around(job admitted) and new members. I plan to meet many of you this season, I know my kids are very excited for Orion, and many of you know who the biggest kid in the family is!!!! Everyone stay safe,I have a cousin stuck in Italy right now, trust me she wants home! So, be greatful to your family,friends and neighbors,and keep posting more positive videos and pics, I know I love to see them! Meet up soon!!!!

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Good morning, everyone.

You woke up to a world where the sun came up again today, where flowers are starting to bud, where blue skies are either in your present or in your near future, and where you are loved and understood by people who love and understand you. You woke up to a world that contains the sounds of laughing babies and orchestras and big crowds laughing or singing or cheering together. You woke up to a world full of color and life.

You woke up to a world where Kings Island and other amusement parks exist, where people have made and someday will continue to make memories and stories together. You woke up to a world where, someday soon, Dollywood will make cinnamon bread, Carowinds will start testing Fury 325, Busch Gardens Williamsburg will be full of flowers, and Magic Kingdom will be full of those Mickey's-head-shaped-balloons-inside-a-giant-clear-balloon balloons.

You woke up to a world where yourself and others are working to make the world a better place, even if not everyone necessarily agrees on how to do it or what that looks like. You woke up to a world where people create stories for the purpose of igniting imaginations, and people create poetry to help express feelings we didn't know we had and imagine experiences we've never experienced, and people create art to help us notice the beauty in things we didn't know had beauty. You woke up to a world full of both people very like you and people not like you at all, and doesn't that make things so much more interesting?

Have a great day.


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