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Enthusiast Terminology 101


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I very much enjoyed this encyclopedia of roller coaster enthusiasts jargon and talk about roller coasters. I saw some things I did not know. This was very enjoyable. The only thing I would add is under “G” for Griswald - showing up at a park that is closed because they did not view the operations calendar expecting it to be open. “The Clark family made a Griswald by driving 3 1/2 hours to a closed park” OR being the first ones to show up on a operating day. “Rusty was so excited because he was the Griswald at the front gate”

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Don't forget Gravity Group, Gerstlauer, Mack, Arrow, Morgan, S&S, and the like.

Also, 2 things from the list I didn't think were as accurate. Suspended and inverted coasters are the same thing, shouldn't need 2 categories. I've never heard the word Boomerang described as an element, it's always been in reference to one of the many Vekoma Boomerangs.

Maybe someone should make a coaster dictionary lol. Could be searchable for what you want

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8 minutes ago, Honorarius said:

I thought there was a difference...

Is there? they both mean to hang below the track. The only difference I can see is when you're referring to an arrow suspended swinging coaster, but even then it has swinging in the model name to differentiate it.

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Apparently, we do have a floorless coaster... 


Floorless – A roller coaster whose train has no floor, nothing above or below the rider other than the seat itself. Flying Ace Aerial Chase located in Kings Island’s award-winning kids’ area, Planet Snoopy, is a floorless coaster.


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No. While they're fairly common on inverts, there are many sitdown coasters with immelmanns as well.

On that note, Banshee's first inversion is a dive loop technically. Granted, its the same shape of an immelmann, just traveled in reverse...

Immelmanns start as one half of a vertical loop before diverting the train to the left or right. Dive loops do the opposite (and thus, to be fair, could be considered "reverse immelmanns").

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