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What is the best Kings Island Coaster?


What is your favorite coaster at Kings Island?  

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Here are my Top Five roller coasters at KI:

  1. Diamondback- Amazing airtime!
  2. Orion- Great theming, really fast, and my first roller coaster to have a debate/argument with. Is it a Giga or a Hyper?
  3. The Racer(s)- What kind of coaster enthusiast wouldn't wanna race their friends on a roller coaster!? I'm pretty sure I've won every single time I've ridden it! (P.S, the Blue Side is most likely to win the most because the Red Side has trims!)
  4. The Beast- I'm surprised this ride even made it to my Top Five list! Spectacular night-ride!
  5. Invertigo- If you keep your head back against the seat the whole time, you'll have a more pleasant ride!

Honorable mentions:

  • Mystic Timbers- It would've been number 5 on the list if it didn't have a LONG line all the time!
  • Surf Dog- I know it's "Arguably a coaster", but for now I'm not going to count it as one. But that doesn't mean I don't like it. It's a great family ride!
  • Woodstock Express- I've never had ANY issues with this ride. It's not very rough, and doesn't ALWAYS have a VERY LONG line (I'm looking at you Mystic Timbers!). But when it comes to my "Top Five Best coasters at KI", it just wasn't able to make the cut.
  • Flying Ace Arial Chase- Why did I put this in here?
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Orion for me. Super tall, super fast, and has some great pops of airtime in places. I love how it's focused on speed. Mystic Timbers comes in second love the ejector airtime only complaint with MT is the restraint will come down further on you during the ride making it harder to get more airtime. Banshee comes in 3rd for me. I love how it just keeps going from one element after another.

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