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SeaWorld Terminates COO Bogumil, Hires Six Flags Executive

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SeaWorld Terminates COO Bogumil, Hires Six Flags Executive


By Dave Sebastian


SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. Monday said Chief Operating Officer Walter Bogumil has been terminated, effective Sunday, after about three years with the company.

SeaWorld said it named as COO Tom Iven, the former senior vice president of park operations at Six Flags, effective Monday.

Mr. Bogumil became COO in April 2020 and previously served as chief strategic officer from 2018.

The company Monday didn't specify the reason for Mr. Bogumil's termination.


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He was involved in operations at Six Flags. I find that interesting, and I'm curious to see how that plays out at the SeaWorld parks.

Six Flags operations can be a mixed bag, in my experience over the last decade. The Texas parks have been on par with present-day Kings Island. Six Flags New England had the most maddening ride operations of any park I've ever been to, but their food service operations were fine. Six Flags America was bad at everything.

In my head, inconsistency like that comes from not enough oversight at the corporate level. Other chains have been more consistent in my experience. What I don't understand, though, is whether the good operations were the standard and the other parks were falling flat, or if the bad operations were the standard and the other parks were exceeding expectations. And that begs the question of whether or not Tom Iven plans to tweak operations at SEAS at all, or if he's focusing on other things.

I'm curious what his strategy will be going forward. It'll be interesting to watch SEAS over the next few years, assuming they don't fire him in a year, too.

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You’ve gotta remember that one train operations, closed rides, poorly trained operators (in terms of capacity), etc, is often a result of what kind of budget they have to work with.  Plus the Chief Operating Officer of a company and the Director of Operations of a park have minimal crossover in responsibilities. 

Give the guy a chance.  

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