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Security Protocols


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I've never been to Kings Island but I can't quite work out how the security at the front works online (Do bags go through metal detector? Or do they just look inside and go over you with a wand?). I was just wondering because generally I get anxious going through security so when I can I like to know what I can expect. All the language on it online is kind of vague so I'd appreciate a walk through so to speak if anyone could help!

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- walk through detector no beeps with or without bag

You go through no problems.

-walk through detector with beeps but no bag

Clear pockets and walk back through/wand offending area depending on associate.

-walk through with a bag and beeps but not without bag

Set bag on table and walk back through. Only bag check required.

- walk through with bags and beeps with and without

Bag check AND wanding of offending area. I.E waist-down, upper body etc 

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1 hour ago, FEARSOMERIDER said:

What happened last night?  As we were leaving after the Fireworks, we noticed a sea of "blue lights' in the parking lot in the general area were you would cross the street where you enter the handicapped parking.  I assumed it was an accident

Accident on KI Drive.

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