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King Cobra Painted On Site?


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That's a really cool picture, not just because it is showcasing an unpainted King Cobra, but because the Ferris Wheel is there. Other pictures I've seen don't give a good indication of where exactly it was in the park; now we know*!

*I think its location now contains one of the caricature booths (also, where you could win an ATV at some point).


And as for whether coasters were painted on site back in the day, I think @Shaggy might be a good person to ask about that! ^_^

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Is there a benefit to onsite painting?
they probably didnt wanna scratch up the paint during construction, or it was cheaper to do it themselves than to contract someone to paint the pieces before they were shipped

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All good possibilities mentioned here and to add to it there is the curing process to consider.  Even after paint is "dry" it can take a matter of hours up to a month for paint to fully cure depending on its chemical makeup and environmental conditions.  Baking paint can significantly reduce the cure time which argues for pre-painted.  Perhaps the park was not in a rush and choose this route. 

Or the Park GM and the CEO were still bickering over the color scheme and missed the decision deadline.  (Would make for a better story) :D

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Don't know for sure, but I know older steel coasters were fabricated with railings and track bent on site. Pieces were welded rather than bolted together. It makes sense you would not paint track unless welding is completed. 

From around 1990 and later most track has been fabricated at the plant and also painted there. This is due to the use of computer aided design which is easier and more precise.

Vortex and Magnum were bent,  welded and painted last. 

Diamondback and Millenium Force were completely fabricated and painted at a plant and only bolted together onsite.

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