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Beast extended downtime


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I rode The Beast earlier today. Once in row 2 and then 17. The ride is riding like it always has to me.

I remember riding it a few times at Coasterstock, one time with @DonHelbigand we both discussed it running really well.

The only spot I would like to see looked at is the track going into the second tunnel. It is a little rough right there. Otherwise, to me it is running as it always has. 

I think the impression that it is rougher comes from the fact it was shut down to get a spot fixed, and now that Racer has been majorly retracked makes The Beast feel rougher than normal.

I am not saying some track work would help some areas, just that it is back to its normal ride experience.That is my two cents on the subject.

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I rode Beast a few times after 7PM on Tuesday 8/10/21.  For a while, there's a maintenance dude at the valley after the first left turn. The place with the new lumber. He's looking at the trains go by at a place 20 feet further down from the repair.  Hmmm.  HMMMMMMM.

Off topic, but if you want to see a track bend, watch it when a train descends the first hill on Diamondback.  Quite a surprising flex.  Yes yes yes metal bends and flexes.  But still...

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It could definitely use additional track work in spots, imo. Probably good that someone's keeping an eye on it in addition to the daily inspections.

Would be nice to see a breakthrough in actual wood track that could make it more durable rather than having to re-track so regularly.

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